Top 10 Most Promising Nigerian Young Entrepreneurs in 2020

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This article ranks the top rising young promising entrepreneurs in Nigeria, 2020. There businesses span across Nigeria and beyond. The increase in entrepreneurs in a nation helps to facilitate the nation’s development and curb the problem of unemployment in a nation. With increase in entrepreneurs these days, Nigeria as a country has seen to the fast rising numbers of entrepreneurs that in one way or the other has helped solve societal problems and support upcoming businesses as well as contributed in the growth of the country. This makes Nigeria one of the top leading hub entrepreneurship in Africa.

These promising young entrepreneurs have shown their courage and exemplary leadership and philanthropic skills in making Nigeria and Africa a better place to live through their hard work to see that their enterprises are well established and provide solutions to the problems of the country. They are not just listed randomly but according to the statistical information available including but not limited to their rapid social impact, growth, international recognition, economic impact, ability for growth, and business expansion.

After a number of statistical analyses, research, and evaluation; Ambassador Ehigie Moses Ikeakhe, CEO Born Winners Empire  (BWE) Group topped the list as the top most promising young entrepreneur in Nigeria for the year 2020. as of today, 16th July.

  1. Ehigie Moses Ikeakhe

Age: 26

CEO: BWE  Group


Ehigie Moses Ikeakhe, an ECOWAS Youth Ambassador, was born on March 26, 1994 in Edo, Nigeria.

He had his bachelor’s degree in Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA and currently studying Media Communication and Business in Moscow, Russia. He also has a degree in International Relations.


Ehigie Ikeakhe is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BWE Group, a Nigerian multi-business conglomerate with a network of  businesses that span across media and entertainment, real estate, food and beverages, technology and fashion industry founded in 2011, in Moscow, Russia.


His diversification into different lines of business has gained him lots of recognition.


Born Winners Empire Studios (BWE STUDIOS) is the arm of the organization that focuses mainly around media and entertainment. The BWE Studio has also elongated it’s wingspan to the Animation Industry and has had several successful 3D animation masterclass in Russia and Nigeria in partnership with Lotusfly Animation. The BWE Studio is currently working on a 3D full-time animation movie with name Alobe Virus which is supposed to be the first Nigeria animation movie with over one hour length.


On the 1st of January, 2018, the Born Winners Group signed a media partnership with Western Lotto (a popular online betting platform) that gives BWE the responsibility to manage their video productions, photoshoots, audio production, BWETV and social media influencing by BWE signed comedians amongst others.


He his also the CEO of BWE TV (online TV channel), El Castillo Hotels, Frost Water, Caroline’s Kitchen amongst others. The young and vibrant entrepreneur is also into real estate business in Nigeria and in Russia.


He continuously sought to enhance his entrepreneurship skill in order to attain greater heights with Born Winners Group. With its fast rise over the past years, there is no doubt the businesses will become a top brand in the country, Africa and the world at large. His determination and innovatory inspired mindset to achieve his dreams has kept him moving on a pace.

You can find Ehigie Ikeakhe on social media @officialbossx on Instagram.

  1. Etop Ikpe

Age: 37

CEO: Cars45


Etop Ikpe made our list of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Etop Ikpe is the founder of Car45, and executive officer of Nigeria’s first and largest auctioning  trading platform. It is a technological company launched in 2016, a platform that runs local inspection centers in specific places around the country to help customers service their cars and offer people a fast and expedient way to sell their cars.


He is a graduate of the University of Lagos and has knowledge in transportation, automobiles, mobile communications technology, and marketing.


Before the launching of Car45 company, Etop was previously the commercial director of Konga, one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce platforms, and formerly the CEO, West Africa’s answer to Groupon. Prior to that, Etop founded Tinker Bell Media LTD, which produced We Run the Game– a syndicated sports program broadcast terrestrially across 12 Broadcast Networks.


Since its establishment in 2016, Cars45 now has more than 30 physical inspection and centers across the country and has helped many people sell their cars without stress.


As an entrepreneur, Etop has passion for developing young people and promoting entrepreneurship as the core key to effectively create job opportunities within the African continent.

You can find Etop on social media @etopty on Twitter.

  1. Uche Pedro

Age: 35

CEO: Bella Naija


Uche Pedro is the founder and CEO of Bella Naija. It is a media tech brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content. She is an award winning media Tech Nigeria entrepreneur.


Uche was born and raised in Nigeria. She badged a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.


She’s enthusiast towards impacting her community and encouraging her people. She is the founder of #BNDoGood an impact driven initiative that supports non profit organizations such as LEAP Africa, Slum2School, Django Girls, Junior Achievement Nigeria, etc.


She has received notable awards and recognitions including UNFPA/UNICEF awards for her efforts toward ending female genital mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria. The young entrepreneur was also honoured with the Forbes Woman New Media Award for 2019 in March. She is an inspiration to other women and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

You can find Uche on social media @uchepedro on Instagram

  1. Temie Giwa-Tubosun

Age: 34

CEO: LifeBank


Giwa-Tubosun  is the founder and CEO  of LifeBank, a start-up that collaborates with hospitals to find medical products to save lives.


Since the inception of Lifebank, it has helped in saving many lives, providing blood and other medical facilities in terms of emergencies. The start-up has an app that connects hospitals with available blood supplies, and has invented what is known as SmartBag tag, a blockchain-powered system that monitors the safety record of the blood. This app also allows blood donor to book appointment with available blood banks closest to them.


Lifebank has distributed over 16,000 units of blood, and worked with over 400 hospitals to save more than thousand lives since its establishment.


“I look forward to continuing my journey to solve problems and make a significant impact on the future of Africa,” she said after the prize in November 2019 when she won Jack Ma Foundation’s Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative (ANPI). $250,000 in Ghana.

You can find Giwa on social media @temite on Twitter.


  1. Adetola Rilwan Nola

Age: 30

CEO: Veritasi Homes and Properties


Adetola Rilwan Nola, is a Nigerian entrepreneur that deals in the competitive real Estate business in Nigeria. He is the founder and CEO of Veritasi homes. A company that seek to provide affordable, suitable and condusive houses for Nigerians at low income.


Nola is a graduate of chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University. His expertise and experience span across marketing, real estate investment, property finance, real estate advisory, management and leadership development.


He started his career as a real estate sales consultant with Granadine Homes, during his work there he was able to secure many property deals and projects for the company and other companies too. Later on, he founded Veritasi Homes with just one staff and his secretary. Today the business has 18 full-time employees, 12,000 real estate consultants and 1,300 realtors. Within a two years term of establishment, the company has generated 2 Billion Naira in revenue.


Veritasi Homes and Propertiesh has empowered a lot of Nigerians and his vision is to raise at least 200 Nigerians who will in turn provide for the society by creating more employments in 2020. Veritasi Homes has also helped in giving business advices and help in facilitating and establishing other peoples business.


As the number of homeless Nigerians increases, this has placed Veritasi Homes to achieve more this year.

You can find Adetola on social media @nola_adetola on Instagram

  1. Akomolafe Henrich Bankole

Age: 28

CEO: Akotex Group


Akomolafe Henrich Bankole is one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Nigeria 2020. He is the Managing Director of Akotex Group. A company that span across four business industries including real estate/construction, technology, escalator, elevator fitness, and wellness.


He is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, he holds a Masters degree in Information Technology Strategic Management from Barcelona School of Management (BSM) – Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain. He his an expertise in Engineering and Commerce where he obtained the experience in 2016 from MP Ascensores Sevilla, Spain serving as an intern.


He began his career in 2016, when Nigeria was in recession and at that same time he assumed the Managing Director of Akotex Group. A company that deals in Engineering Services, providing escalators and elavators.


He was listed as one Forbes Africa 120 Game Changers in 2019. At a young age, Bankole has made great impact in the Nigerian business world. And he continously sought to get more entrepreneurship  skill to take Akotex Group to greater heights.

You can find Henrich on social media @henrich_banks on Instagram

  1. Nasir Yammama

Age: 29

CEO: Verdant


Nasir Yammama is a creative technologist and entrepreneur. Nasir is the founder of Verdant, an Agri-Tech startup and value chain establishment that provides innovative ideas, solutions to farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural field. They aim at improving food production using innovative technologies.


He is a northern Nigeria that was birthed and brought up in the world of farming. With his passion for technology, he seeks to give solution to farmers in Nigeria by effectively using low income to produce and yield more farm produce.


He began to have interest in technology when he started studying at Institute of Creative Technology at Middlesex University London. He also have interest in enterprise, agriculture and renewable energy.


Nasir Yammama is recognized for his effort in AgricTech by The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme. His goal is to make Africa an agricultural based continent by continously striving and providing solutions to Agricultural sector, which will be the rebirth of our pride.

You can find Yammama on social media @yammama on Twitter.

  1. Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr

CEO: DottsMediaHouse


Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr is the CEO of DottsMediaHouse (DMH). A communication company that deals in Public Relation, Digital Marketing, Brand Profiling, Tours and Management. The company aim at providing best media marketing for clients by delivering results-oriented campaigns for individual clients or brand clients across Africa.


Towalola is a graduate from the University of Lagos. He started his career when he was still in tertiary institution. He his the Nigerian Blackberry Ambassador that helped in selling the smartphone in Nigeria campuses by increasing its visibility and presence through his strategic idea of media marketing.


He his also in the forefront in delivering social media campaigns for reputable brands like pepsi, intel and 9mobile etc. DMH is plausibly the topmost social media marketing brand in Nigeria.


Tiwalola is a passionate and young entrepreneur that seek to grow his business in the media marketing business world.

You can find  Tiwalola on social media @tjdotts on Instagram

  1. Gloria Chinwe Chubuike

Age: 24

CEO: Yolo Luxury, Chinwe Chibuike Foundation


Chinwe Chubuike is one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in Nigeria 2020. She was born 19th January 1996 in Abia, Nigeria. She is a Nigeria philanthropist, CEO and the founder of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation and Yolo luxury, a fashion brand.


CCF was founded on the 23rd of June, 2018. The foundation has helped in saving lives, providing free medical health facilities and health awareness orientation across the span of Nigeria and Africa since its establishment. It is an internationally recognized NGO which has maintained its core motives through impact engagements and envisages the continued support in improving the healthcare sector through the provision of standard healthcare facilities and educational campaigns for Nigerians and across Africa. She helps less privileged and vulnerable people achieve their lifetime dreams through living an healthy life.


She is also the founder and CEO of Yolo Luxury, a fashion brand whose motive is to contribute to the society by allowing them to express themselves, their creativity and beliefs to the world through her awesome products. She said “decoration itself creates an illusion of permanency”.


The brand has a subsidiary of Yolo Luxury Beauty which focuses on branded lip glosses, shirts, slide slippers, caps, socks etc.


Over the years fashion industry has gain a core interest in the minds of the people. With this, her dream of investing into the fashion industry and achieving greater heights in fashion and lifestyle industry will eventually come to limelight, which will make her one of the most promising young successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, 2020.


The young and passionate humanitarian is a United Nation Delegate, a Professional Nurse,  an entrepreneur, a BSc holder in Plant and Biotechnology and also a United States associate Nurse. She is a young promising Nigerian, an intellect, an outstanding one of a kind across the globe whose motive is to manumit people out of difficulty and life of regret. You can find Gloria on social media @queen_wendy1 on Instagram

  1. Wole Akeju

CEO: Redbox Deluxe Café


Wole Akeju is the founder of Redbox Deluxe Café. His inspiration to start up this business was as a result of his passion for food. Redbox Deluxe Café Offers salubrious, favourably price and ethnically various food options to satisfy customers taste created from local and traditional ingredients that are exceptional.

Its services span across lagos on a 24 hours delivery service within lagos metropolitan. Through its Redbox Deluxe Café, Akeju is able to deliver meals for Nigerians with tidy schedules at work to eat healthy meal regularly without skipping a meal.

Since the establishment of the business which started from a single outlet in February 2019 to now a four outlet, it has partnered with Jumia and Opay Foods for fast delivery of foods and has created employment opportunity for Nigerians and hoping to expand and employ more Nigerians in the company.

You can find Wole on social media @woleakeju on Instagram

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