Kwara Shuts Borders, Fumigate Markets, Bans House-To-House Distribution Of Palliatives

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According to Sun News, amid efforts to block entries of vehicles from outside and prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in the state, the Kwara State government has announced the immediate closure of its local and external borders.

It however said the closure excludes all categories of movement sanctioned in the broadcast of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that the partial shutdowns within the state remain in force until further notice.

“The government hereby announces the shutting down of all our land borders and movement to the state from elsewhere. The only exemptions to this rule are those stated in the address of Mr President.

Specifically, these are vehicles carrying agricultural produce, medical equipments, and officials on essential duties related to COVID-19 campaign,” Deputy Governor and Chairman of the Kwara State Technical Committee on COVID-19, Kayode Alabi told journalists in Ilorin yesterday.

“All previous restrictions and exemptions locally remain in force. A specific warning here goes to commercial motorcyclists (Okada riders) who have been violating the shutdown orders. Any violators caught would face the full consequences of the law.”

Alabi, also said the government will begin fumigation of markets and other specific locations after which specific markets would be designated for people to purchase essentials like food and medicines.

He commended corporate bodies and individuals for their donations to the government and specifically commended Senator Sadiq Umar, Lateef Fagbemi SAN, Unifoam, and Rajrab pharmaceuticals for their contributions to the state’s counter-COVID-19 efforts.

Alabi said the government’s palliative measures are ready for deployment and would be handled by a committee chaired by the Emir of Shonga, Haliru Yahaya , who is due to brief the media today on the modalities.



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