Why I Rejected Marriage Proposal – Actress Calista Okoronkwo

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Gifted thespian, Calista Okoronkwo couldn’t hold back the urge to act, as she discovered her talent at a young age.

Determined to excel against all odds, Okoronkwo fought hard to become what she is today. Now, she is counting her blessings for being a celebrity.

In this exclusive interview, the Imo State-born actress, who has featured in many movies including Celebrity Marriage, Clinic Matters, Career Woman, College Girls just to mention a few, talks about her journey to stardom.

Read excepts from the interview below;

“In recent times, I have had my own fair share of betrayal from some people who have cut my friendship, and some people I hold dear and I am not going to let that happen to me again. Right now, I am guarding my heart jealously; I am guarding that friendship zone jealously. I do not keep lots of friends. I want to have my own family someday.

I would like to build my own family someday. I would like to describe myself as someone who is passion-driven as well. That’s who I am, that’s what I represent. And lest I forget, I am a very cheerful person. The first thing you notice about me is my smile, even during my worst time. That’s why people don’t know when I am going through this or that. I always wear a smile and my smile is infectious. The girl with the infectious laughter, people like to say that about me.”

On what she looks out for in a man, Calista Okonkwo has this to say: “My man has to be straightforward. I do not like people who are not straightforward. I do not like people who will say one thing and mean the other thing. I am very concerned about people I deal with being straightforward. My man has to be God-fearing, he has to be family-oriented, and he has to look out for me. My man has to be tall and black, I mean chocolate, he doesn’t have to have all the money in the world, we can make the money together and build an empire.”



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