Emmy Nominee, Ruona Meyer; AML Launch Journalist Handbook Series

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Friday, January 24, 2020 – LAGOS, NIGERIA – A’Lime Media Limited (AML), a strategic communications company is pleased to announce a partnership with Ruona Meyer to publish the first two (2) titles in her ‘hands-on’ handbook series, RuonaTips. They are: ‘RuonaTips: Finding and Writing Unique Stories’ and ‘RuonaTips: Visualising (and pitching) your Investigation’. Ruona Tips is a series of handbooks designed for use by students, freelancers, trainers and professionals in journalism and media associated industries. Some of the techniques in the series have been the basis of seminars delivered by Ruona since 2011 in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna, Nigeria, in Accra and most recently, for Master students at De Montfort University and City University, both in the UK.

This unique partnership underscores our brand vision to chronicle the thought revolution of an evolving continent by identifying the unique contributions made by select individuals as well as the key roles played in orchestrating the most important developments across various sectors. Accordingly, we are keen on empowering individuals to grow themselves and by extension, their economies and collectively push Africa to meet its untapped potential.

We are convinced that Ruona Meyer shares the same vision and we are pleased to embark on this journey with her.

This handbook series, RuonaTips is significant to the industry and profession because it seeks to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike in a fast-changing global economy marked by volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. ‘RuonaTips,’ is the culmination of 16 years of multimedia investigative journalism across various media outlets in Africa and Europe.

“Working with Ruona is a dream come true. I love to teach Communications and consider this publication series a contribution to improve the curriculum I was exposed to as an Undergraduate and Graduate Student in a Nigerian University. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this. Indeed, Ruona has tipped. We too must all tip in order to improve the profession and more importantly, its impact on today’s VUCA world”. – Emilia Asim – Ita, Publisher and Practice Director, AML

Best known for the BBC Africa Eye Emmy-nominated documentary; ‘Sweet, Sweet Codeine’ and her down-to-earth takes on social media, Ruona has had a greater impact on journalism than most people realise, starting with her free journalism training and mentorship started for well over a decade now. Named winner of the Reuters Niall Fitzgerald Prize (2010), and Investigative Journalist of the Year, (Nigeria, 2013), she is the recipient of several local and international awards for her work in investigative journalism.

According to the author, “The rising weaponisation of all information – personal, political and sociocultural necessitates journalists and citizens that are savvy. I mean savvy at not just discerning and articulating news, but also writing it – particularly as the lines dividing citizens and journalists blur. We can either continue to complain that all learning should be provided by tertiary institutions – or we can all do our bit in enhancing the capacity of those who write and consume the news. I chose to do my best by sharing the secrets I’ve learned in universities and developed on the job. I think I’ve made the short-cut I wish I had, as a Microbiology student who was more interested in being a journalist”.

‘RuonaTips: Finding and Writing Unique Stories’  is the first in the series designed to help individuals interested in all forms of writing and journalism identify unique stories to be told all around them. It teaches tried and tested techniques like the ‘Flak Method’ Ruona used to gain a place at the Financial Times in London.

The second handbook titled, ‘RuonaTips: Visualising (and Pitching) your Investigation’ helps investigators, journalists or anyone who commissions investigations efficiently appraise their stories and make concise pitches that prioritise the audience, protect the journalist and maximise savings for producers.

AML is calling for independent reviewers of ‘RuonaTips: Finding and Writing Unique Stories’. This review is for journalism students, active investigative journalists, journalism trainers and professionals in associated media industries. Interested participants should follow AML on Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #RuonaTips for their entries to be considered.

A stipend for transport and feeding will be provided.

For further information, follow @RuonaTips on Instagram, Twitter and join the LinkedIn Group. Please visit www.ruonatips.com to pre-order the book.


Ruona’s work brought Nigeria the country’s first-ever Emmy nomination, in 2019, in the Current Affairs category for the International Emmys – an honor that was also a first for the BBC World Service.

It began in 2017 when Ruona pitched a filial story of addiction to the BBC which resulted in Sweet Sweet Codeine, an extensive documentary investigation into Nigeria’s cough syrup addiction crisis. In what she has termed her most grueling investigation till date, Ruona went undercover, co-produced and presented Sweet Sweet Codeine for the launch of BBC Africa Eye, the British broadcaster’s dedicated African investigations unit.

Sweet Sweet Codeine has since received nominations for the UK’s highest journalism honors, including The British Journalism Awards, The Royal Television Society Awards, and won the Television Documentary category of the One World Media Awards. Ruona has also been formally recognized by the Lord Mayor of Trier, Germany, where she is a dual citizen, for her work on Sweet Sweet Codeine, and profiled on German national television and radio.

Ruona is currently a Ph.D. candidate with a scholarship at the Faculty of Technology, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK; her research interrogates the nexus of technology, censorship and investigative journalism networks. Some of the techniques in the new handbooks have been the basis of taught seminars delivered by Ruona since 2011 in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna, Nigeria, in Accra and most recently, for Master students at De Montfort University and City University, both in the UK.

A graduate of Microbiology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Ruona gained postgraduate degrees in Journalism and Broadcast Journalism from Wits University, South Africa, and the University of Westminster, London, UK respectively. She was named Winner of the Reuters Niall Fitzgerald Prize in 2010, and Nigeria’s Investigative Journalist of the Year, in 2013.

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