Best Performing Premier League Clubs of All-Time

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If you are an English Premier League clubs fan, we are pretty sure you have some strong sentiments when it comes to team loyalty. Even if you are not betting on platforms like Betway on your favorite team, we are sure you know all that’s going on. Talking about the English Premier League, which team is doing well this season?

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1. Manchester United

While the team might not have been at its best over the last few years, there is no doubt that Manchester United has a very rich history when it comes to the Premier League. Fans keep hoping that they feel see their beloved team back in form soon.

2. Arsenal

One of the biggest names in the cricket world, Arsenal has impressed fans and critics over the years. However, it has to be noted that they have failed to win a single title since 2004. This year, there is a chance that the team can turn it around in their favor and finish in the top-four.

3. Chelsea

Not the most consistent team in the Premier League, Chelsea has a loyal community of fans ready to defend the team at any given point based on their brilliance in the past. Chelsea might be able to give some good performances this year under the guidance of club legend Frank Lampard. The last few years have been turbulent, but they have never completely been without success.

4. Liverpool

Liverpool has been an underdog in the Premier League for the longest time because of their inability to secure the title. However, that does not undermine the fact they have delivered some brilliant performances in the past. This year, the team looks determined and has maintained an amazing run till now. They might just be able to overcome their title drought under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp this year.

5. Tottenham

It has been a while since Tottenham has lived up to its potential. Fans have remarkable expectations from the team, but their performance has been largely inconsistent in recent years. Some of the failures can be attributed to their managerial issues. However, the team has a golden history and produced players who are revered in the football world.

6. Everton

Being a forever participant of the Premier League, Everton has successfully accumulated many points through their victories over the years. However, recent years have seen them failing to mobilize on the field. In the current tournament, they are still in the bottom three, even after eight games. They might even get a new manager.

7. Manchester City

It is possible that Manchester City is one of the very few teams that has grown better over the years. Securing four titles within the last eight years shows a remarkable degree of commitment and consistency. The players are performing brilliantly under Pep Guardiola. The team is playing quite possibly some of the best football to be ever witnessed in the Premier League.

8. Aston Villa

Out of the game for quite a while, the team has made its comeback this year. It is playing slowly but consistently. Historically, it has delivered some great performances in the Premier League.

Which is your favourite team?

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