Wizkid trends after he got an ill-treatment in Ilorin (Video)

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Wizkid has been making headlines on social media after he performed at a concert at Ilorin and was nearly mobbed on stage by overexcited fans. Others were also amused that he sat on a plastic chair.

Ahead of his StarBoy Fest show in Lagos on Boxing Day, Wizkid dashed to Ilorin, in central Nigeria, for another gig on Christmas Day, for which he was said to have been paid handsomely.

But it was an experience he would not forget quickly.

On stage at the Kwara Hotel venue of the concert, he was nearly mobbed as a fan jumped over asking for a bear hug. Video of the scene showed the hip-hop star being rough-handled and struggling to extricate himself.

Another shared video shows Wizkid sitting on a plastic chair backstage. In the video, he was seen yawning, appearing flustered about it all.





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