Why Paid Instagram Like Are Just Not Enough For Your Instagram Account? 

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We all know about the numerous benefits of purchasing likes on your Instagram account and we also know how to use them efficiently as well. But what if we say that these are just not enough for making a page popular or get results and conversions with it? Well, you simply deny this fact and will consider it as rubbish. However, that’s a true fact and we are going to be proving this fact through the medium of this article. Therefore, let us begin this talk with a warm-up introduction.


Instagram paid likes and all is good and can create value for your business but have you ever considered custom Instagram comments for your posts? Well, if not then start considering them now otherwise you will never stand a chance against the persistent players of this field and will be left behind real soon.

Nowadays, people listen to what the internet says and internet uses the language of comments. In that case, you need to be a trend in that language so that people can get to know more about you. Moreover, this is all a game of the peer pressure since we all have seen edgy trends getting popular on the internet just because a number of people are doing it.

Therefore, just imagine what can happen if you start getting comments on your posts like “best service ever” and many more comments that are decided by you for the boasting of your business. You will be getting an immense amount of exposure and people will start valuing your business even more. Not only this, but the custom instagram comments for your posts have several other benefits as well.

With that said, let us find out all the benefits that these custom comments can provide you.

Benefits of custom comments on insta posts

Instagram is surely a great platform for businesses and promotions and with custom comments you can ensure that these both go in the right way. Let us begin a rundown of all the numerous valuable benefits that you can get with custom comments on instagram. Let us begin with:

1. They are custom

Yes and that’s why they matter the most for the businesses. Just imagine, you can get what you want people to read about your business assuming that they are done by real people honestly. Therefore, now just think how much value you can grab with them. And as said earlier, comments are the new language for the internet and people can literally do anything the comments asks them to do. Then why not just ask them to try your business which is as per the comments, the best business of its kind. Moreover, the comments are decided by you so there is nothing that can go wrong. Therefore, you need not worry about it at all.

Hence, there are countless pros of the comments being custom and you already know about them. What else do you need in order to buy these comments? Hence, you must purchase this since it has so many benefits associated with it. Let us now know more about the associated benefits of custom comments.

2. They are more realistic than likes

Well, we accept the fact that people judge a business by the number of likes that it has on its instagram account but that does not means that comments don’t play any major role. Just put yourself in the side of a customer and think what you will wonder if you see an instagram photo with thousands of like but not even a single comment. You will blindly say that those are fake likes and are purchased. Therefore, the custom comments can make it look more realistic and make it even better at fooling the audience.

It is just like skeleton and skin, the likes being the skeleton and the comments are the skin, both are incomplete without each other and that’s what we wanted to prove from the beginning of the article. Therefore, make sure that you keep both of them together if you want to get the full potential of your investment. Hence, now you know how it can benefit you even more. Let us now focus on the other benefits as well.

3. They force people for call to action

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about using the comments as a call to action. And that’s actually really easy to do. How? Let us discuss it even further. All you need to do it first boast one or two lines like “this is the best deal” and then put a statement like “must try this” or “recommended by me at least”. These kinds of comments will make the audience know that your business is not like the others and provides extraordinary results or services.

Hence, they start believing you even more and start becoming your customers. You can put up any kind of call to action that you want since they are made by you and you can boast as much as you want. This is the best way by which you can grab a lot of conversions for your business. Just imagine the growth that you can make when you convert all your traffic to valuable followers. The growth is extremely high and you can never deny this fact. Therefore, make sure that you use call to actions in the custom comments that you purchase.

There are several other things that you can do with the custom comments but the call to actions is the most effective ones. Therefore, make sure that you use them as a major asset for the purpose of growing your business since it is so effective.


So, that is why the likes are just not enough and you surely need custom Instagram comments for your post as well. They are not only highly realistic but are assured to create conversions as well. Therefore, make sure you use them for your business. That’s all we have for today.


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