Developing local sports, Nassarawa to be sports theatre in 2 years, says sports adviser

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Mr. Yakubu Kwanta, Principal Special Advisor to the Governor of the State of Nassarawa on Youth, Sports and NGO Affairs, said that in the next two years, the state would be a sports theater to be seen in Nigeria. Kwanta told reporters outside the 5th National Games for Youth (JNG) that the charge was based on the commitment and determination of the governor, Mr. Abdullahi Sule, to reorganize the sport.


He added that the state was already in talks with German consultants for the creation of an open sports theater. “Governor Sule is very committed to the development of sport and recently we celebrated the 100 days of his term during which many achievements were made in terms of sports development. We have defined a sports school and the contract has already been awarded.”


“We have many consultants around the world and we have started conversations with the best consultants in Germany to organize a sports theater here.” Then, in the next two years, Nasarawa will become a sports theater in Nigeria,” he said. Also at the events are spectating fans betting sports.


Kwanta said that they (the officials) were working to obtain new cutting-edge facilities that would be the envy of everyone. “We are working to have new facilities that would not compare with any. “In the north-central area, our stadium is one of the best and this administration is determined to do even better,” he said.


Kwanta added that Governor Sule attaches great importance to youth development and uses sport as one of the tools to achieve this goal. “Governor Sule is very committed to the development of youth in the state of Nasarawa. We recently opened a committee to reorganize the sport in all areas of local government,” he added.


Commenting on Nassarawa’s performance in the NYG, Kwanta was impressed by the performance of the athletes. In a similar vein, Sunday Dare, Minister of Youth and Sports Development, said Sunday that the ministry plans to establish a camp system to feed the athletes discovered in the 5th National Games for Youth (NYG).


Dare told reporters in Ilorin, after talking with some of the discovered athletes, that the ministry would go beyond delivering athletes to national sports federations for follow-up.


He said there would be a revival in the development of the basic sport. “We are going to experience a kind of rebirth in grassroots development, at the level of local governments and states.


“In the ministry, we plan to deliver the discovered athletes to the various federations. “The job of the federations is to further develop these talents and nurture them. “But we will go beyond sending them to the federations because we want to involve a camping system where we can monitor and nurture them as sports professionals,” Dare said.


He added that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was ready to apply the same political will and spirit to the sport to face persistent challenges.


“Currently in the country, we face challenges in terms of resources and management, but the current administration is ready to direct the will of other sectors to the sport. “We will also focus on managing, improving and maintaining the facilities,” said Dare.


The Federal Minister of Sports added that the Federal Ministry of Sports would help each state to overcome its sporting challenges.


“Although it is the responsibility of all states to develop the sport, because of my interaction with sports directors, I understand that states face challenges. I will present your case to the National Executive Board (NEC) and, as a follow-up, I will be looking for an appointment with the state governors to present the relevant issues raised by the directors who need help.”


“We will also have an excellent meeting with the directors to compare notes and learn how other states are doing better. We also want each state to introduce a coach and present it to the ministry. The ministry will train them sometimes. It’s because part of our challenges are due to the technical depth of our trainers that we need to improve,” said Dare.


“I am very pleased with the performance here because more than 10 of our athletes were among the best talents discovered by the federal government. “We are trying to see how future releases in New York will be more successful. “We continue as an Oliver, we always ask that they do better than that, but we will come back to evaluate our performance and see why we are not number one,” he said.


The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the NYG, now in its fifth year, started on September 7th and continued until September 17th. No less than 4000 athletes from 30 states participated in 34 sporting events.

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