Nollywood Movie Producer Yekeen Adewale Luqman to break Netflix record, as he’s planing a new Project

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Tell us about yourself?

My name is Yekeen Adewale Luqman (A.K.A Alhaji LUYEK), I’m an entrepreneur, a film maker and life coach.

Describe your move in the Movie/Music industry ?

I have produced and featured in so many movies. I’m the producer of Ika Owo (Fingers), Odikan, My pride, and ALAMI (Undercover). I have some movies that are yet to be released too, like Orisa, Doctor Jide, Adigun Phobia

What do you enjoy most about being a movie director/Producer?

A producer is someone that oversees all the stages of production. I like the fact that I’m always busy and as a producer, I have the final say on creative decisions. Making sure film is delivered on time within budget.

Who are you inspired by?

Omo, this question is deep ooo. As an entrepreneur, I’m been inspired by warren buffet, As a film maker I’m been inspired by Tyler Perry, and locally by my boss Olusegun Akani Ogungbe.

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

My biggest challenge back then was Lost for women. It wasn’t easy, cuz our industry is full of temptations. I thank God that I was able to overcome them all.

What’s your average day like for you?

I’m always busy from one location to another and sometimes I send equipments out for music video shoot or movie shoots. (It’s part of the hustle) ‘smiles’.

What do you hate most?

I hate lies, dishonesty and disloyalty. I hate when people make me question their integrity. Some friends do call me MR IMPECCABLE INTEGRITY. I won’t compromise that for billions of dollars.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I have the power, I would change two things. Firstly, I would do everything to end piracy in the industry. Piracy is killing Nigeria movie industry. Check out American movie producers, they become millionaires in dollars once they produce one or two movies, unlike us If you aren’t careful and smart in our industry, you may loose money because of piracy. Kudos to the hardworking Tampan president, baba Bolaji Amusan (Popularly known as Mr Latin) who’s doing all his best to provide solution to the virus called Piracy.

Secondly, I would change the contents of some musics and movies (if I have the power), Nigerian entertainment generally needs great contents that will give positive image to our dear country. Don’t just sit down and write a song or a script, think deeply on the impact such music or movie will have in our society. We want more great contents and by God’s grace, I’ll change the game.
You see, this is beyond making short term profits, it’s about giving positive image to Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as her citizens. The profit should be everlasting, The problem is that most people want to make quick money, they just follow the trend and sing or produce movies that won’t be relevant in future just because of temporary gain. If you have great contents, you may not be making huge profit today, but you will definitely make it one day. WARREN BUFFET said some things take time. “No matter how great your talent is, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”
Tell me about your favorite movie you did ?

I don’t have favorite, I love all my movies. They are of great contents. The truth is that I won’t take part or produce any movie that people won’t enjoy or learn from.

Rate Nigeria movie industry

I’m giving Nigerian Movie Industry 8/10. Technically, we need improvement. We are seriously trying except for the virus (piracy) that’s deeply eating our industry.

What’s your next big project?

My new Project will be the first Yoruba movie to be on Netflix, about to break the record, please people await for the new project

Thanks for coming sir !!!

Thank Your for having me here , god bless y’all

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