Music and the Digital Age: How Musicians can earn from their music

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Frank Nwafor, a music consultant at Anonymous Music shares his nuggets on how musicians can take advantage of the evolution and procure huge revenue from music.

Let’s be honest, marketing as a musician is quite tough. Nevertheless effective distribution will hit the nail on the head. The music expert also known as Pimpgod explains how effective mobile devices are in this age. He says “Everyone possesses a mobile device and they have it on them most of the time either at home, work or wherever wanting to discover any artiste or song they’ve never heard before. These are the merits you should be eager to ride with”.

Elaborating more on the predominance of our mobile devices, Frank continued. “Before this social media age, the avenue to distribute music weren’t so effective. DJs, radio station, televisions stations and the press were the only means by which your music gets to the potential fans. Today, it is composed of the day to day social media outlets”.

Frank claims music distribution is an easy task as it will seem difficult to the up-and-coming artistes. He made emphasis on proper monetization on digital channels such as Spotify, ITunes, Soundcloud and Audiomack. The Nigerian music industry over the years has been working on growing over free downloads platforms which obviously deteriorates the earning capabilities of an already distributed music.

Diverting to piracy which happens to be a major hurdle, Frank says “most musicians find it difficult to find a solid piracy prevention strategy. To fight piracy, an artiste needs to distribute his song at least two weeks before the release date, reason being that this will give music curators, streaming platforms and PRs enough time to review and prepare a solid marketing strategy. Any period lesser than two weeks won’t allow the curators and PRs build up enough momentum, after this the artiste can proceed with any skill of curbing piracy. This should aid in the sale of his music and enable him generate more revenue”.

To wrap it up, hitting gold on this digital space has to do with proper and effective marketing and distribution strategies. Hopefully at the end of it all, your music career is boosted.

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