Dua Lipa Has a Treat to Rainy Festival With Her Fashionable Outfit

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Dua Lipa takes fashion to the rainy style as she serves a Moldy fashionable outing. The terrain at music festivals can be a bit treacherous, and Glastonbury’s grounds are notoriously muddy.

The longstanding arts and music showcase takes place in Somerset mostly annually, but every five years or so there’s a fallow period, where the festival skips a year to give the land (and its organizers) a well-needed respite. Last year was one of those fallow years, but this past weekend, the festival came back in full-swing—there were performances from Miley Cyrus, Lauryn Hill, and Janet Jackson, to name just a few highlights from the massive lineup.

Dua Lipa was one of the many who made the trek to Somerset to take in some of the aforementioned acts, and she pulled out many of her best festival looks, from chunky cyberpunk boots that she paired with a gold chainmail dress to a grassy green Ottolinger knit sweater that must have kept her warm at sunset. The smartest outfit, though, was undeniably her glossy black raincoat and matching hat, which she wore on top of a visor, doubling down on weather preparedness. She wore the two sensible pieces with something a bit more fun, finishing off the outfit with a sparkly, multicolored heart-adorned minidress. Leave it to Lipa to make rainy day fashion a bit less gloomy.

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