Zinedine Zidane Threatens To Quit Real Madrid

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Zinedine Zidane has threatened to quit Real Madrid after just months into his comeback as the head coach of the team, according to report.

The manager discussed the potential departures of Gareth Bale and Keylor Navas ahead of next season as they prepare for the coming season.

“It is clear that it is the last game and we have worked well to finish the season strongly. We want to say goodbye to our fans, it has been a complicated year and we want to convey to all the people that we are going to return with enthusiasm and I am working to make them proud of the players, it is the end of the season and we want to send a message that we are going back with enthusiasm and hard work.

“Bale? He will be in the group, I can tell you that.

“How do I pick first and second keeper? I’ll say this when the season starts, I’ll say who will be the first and the second, it’s my decision, but who do you think the team is? It’s clear as water. If I cannot do what I want in my team, I leave, that’s clear, then there are the people who work for the signings and we work on it together.”

Real Madrid will play against Real Betis in the final game of the season at the Santiago Bernabeu.



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