“I Need Help” – Slay Queen Who Has Slept With 130 Men Cries Out

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A young lady who has slept with an unprecedented number of men has taken to social media to weep about her inability to settle down with one man now that she wants to marry.

According to the lady, she has slept with 130 different men throughout her lifetime and no man is willing to stay with her when they find out of her past life.

The lady who wrote her life story to social media relationship blogger Joro Olumofin explained that she had a very rough child growing so she always preferred to stay go out of the house at a young age.

With time, she started sleeping with men at a very young age and she loved it. It got to a tie she became addicted and always preferred to get out and sleep with men.

Now that she has left that life behind, any man who comes into her life and wants to marry her leave after he finds out her promiscuous lifestyle in the past.

The young lady claims she can not understand why men can not see past her past life but if she was a man, this wouldn’t have been any big deal to other women; in fact, she would have been praised. The young lady claims she wants help to overcome this relationship problem she is going through.



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  1. The help you need is available in is Jesus.
    Surrender your whole life to Him.
    He will forgive you and give you a new life.

    This is the only possible help available.
    Good luck

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