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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude!
It depends on what goes on in your mind, how you face your fears/challenges, what attitude you decide to put on.

You having a good day doesn’t mean you have no challenges on that particular day. It was your decision to not worry about those challenges. It was your decision to not allow circumstances weigh you down. It was your decision to face that particular day with a positive attitude.

So why have a bad day, when all that matters is what you tell yourself?
Why worry so much when you possess the power to make it all go away?
If you were disappointed, why let that steal away your happiness, when you could just say to yourself “Every disappointment is a blessing” and just move on?

If you were insulted, why accept that you are “that” when you could just reject those words and say to yourself, “I’m better than that”?
If you in need of something so urgently, and do not have enough funds to purchase it, why let it cloud your sense of reasoning to the extent that you forget to appreciate the things you have already, when you could just say to yourself “I may not get this thing today, but I will definitely get it someday”?

When someone walks out of your life, why block others away and remain sober, when you could just appreciate those who stayed and be merry?
When someone looks down on you, or your background, why go about blaming your parents for not being successful? Why develop that inferiority complex by undermining yourself, when you could just say to yourself, “ I will be great” and work towards it?
Life is never going to be entirely a bed of rose. No matter the amount of wealth one would possess, challenges are forever going to be present. But what keeps you going is your response, the attitude with which you face them.
Never dwell on the past, it is one thing you can never change. Instead, learn from it and move on.
For you to truly be happy, you must be able to take your pains and play with it.
A happy life does not mean the absence of challenges/pains, but your ability to face it.
Yes, God does exist! And Yes, Christians faces challenges!
the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot unlearn the many lies they have been conditioned to believe, and seek out the hidden knowledge that they have been conditioned to reject.
It is never entirely a bed of rose!
Things happen!
Things sometimes go wrong!
Challenges happen!
But we must always keep a positive attitude in order to bounce back.

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