Teenager Wedding! 17 years old boy to marry his 15 years old girlfriend in Sokoto.

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Jaw Dropping! A teenage couple, Aliyu 17-year-old boy and his 15-year-old fiancée, Aisha, according to reports are set to get married this weekend at Sokoto.

This news has kept users of various social media in awe; various opinions and criticisms with both religious and societal backings.

Could this be Love or ignorance?

This is now becoming a trend in Nigeria, as teenagers are now allowed to tie marital knots regardless their ages and maturity. Indeed, maturity is not based on age, but shouldn’t these kids come of a certain age before taking this lifetime decision?

Though Reports have it that Aliyu is following his family tradition of marrying early as male children in his family marry at the age of 17, while the female ones marry at 15.
But in rare circumstances, they marry at the age of 19.

Their excuse being that, it is a way to prevent teenagers from fornicating and also to allow them see their grandchildren.

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