MC Charlene: The Female MC Who’s Not Relenting Her Efforts Despite Finding Herself In A Male Dominated Industry!

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The Norwegian based international female MC/Host is one energetic young lady who needs no introduction in the entertainment scene be it in her country of origin Cameroon, Africa and the world. “The Energy Goddess” as she’s fondly called is one young lady who happens to have found herself doing what many will describe as “A Man’s Job” however, these drawbacks aren’t strong enough to pull her down.

With a strive and goal to be not just the biggest female MC/Host but the biggest MC despite being surrounded by people who are always skeptical about her skills, energy and ability to turn up parties and events, the energy goddess is only taken serious when people hear her speak on the microphone. In a recent interview on Apex1 Radio, MC Charlene talked about the difficulties she faces in the industry, the male dominance and sexual harassment are just a few to throw some light on but with a goal to encourage young ladies and make them believe that the women can also do what the men do, MC Charlene strives to take the lead reason why she is always on the move.

For instance, if you are a young lady who barely gets booked for events and you look up to MC Charlene as a role model, only the fact that she was able to go around more that 31 cities in 2018 alone should be enough motivation for you to believe in yourself by not relenting on your efforts, standing your grounds and fighting against sexual harassment. Looking at the works of MC Charlene, she shouldn’t just be an inspiration to women who aspire to become MCs or event hosts in the future. It doesn’t matter the domain you find yourself in, all you need to do is believe in yourself and take every chance you are offered very seriously and as a female, if MC Charlene can build an empire so can you! Keep fighting!

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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