GoFundMe by Reggie Bush shut down by Nipsey Hussle family and friends

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Bush Thought he was probably  doing the right thing when he decided to set up a GoFundMe to benefit Nipsey Hussle’s kids after the rapper and community activist was killed.

A kind gesture however, sometimes needs approval and Hussle’s family quickly shut down the charitable effort saying Bush was not authorized to collect funds nor do they need him to.

The NFL star and his Kim Kardashian-look-alike wife Lilit Avagyan appeared in a video looking sad and vowing to commit $10,000 of their own money to the GoFundMe for Hussle and Lauren London’s daughter Emani, and son from a previous relationship, Kross and solicited for others to contribute to Hussle’s kids as well.

But GoFundMe’s are usually for the needy and Hussle’s family said Hussle whose real name is Ermias Asghedom already put in the work to make sure his children were secure if ever this time came to fruition, a family source told the New York Daily News.

In fact, the source said Hussle’s “family did not ask anybody to create anything.”

“Things were created as we were burying him. No one asked his partner for permission,” the source said Tuesday, referring to the rapper’s fiancée, Lauren London. The source also said Hussle set up trust funds for his kids.

Hussle close friend Karen Civil, even took to social media to blast Bush and accuse him of doing this for personal gain.

Bush responded and tried to defend his actions nobody asked for.

Civil followed up and wrote:

No disrespect to Reggie Bush but Nipsey Life Partner nor his family asked for this to be done when he originally requested. Appreciate, everyone wanting to find ways to support Nip but his foundation for community efforts will be launched soon.”

Bush then denied Civil’s accusations:

Wait what??? Nah that’s actually INCORRECT check your facts what would I gain from this @KarenCivil ? And this is the very last time I will speak on it out of RESPECT for everyone! God Bless you!

Civil then replied:

I never spoke on what you had to gain, Simply asked you to remove the tweet, just like you did the gofundme. You asked prior to do this and was told no by family, but did it anyway. You never once spoke to Nip in the gym the many times you saw each other…

I understand you’re motivated and want to help, but there are other ways. His family already asked you NOT to do this. People are literally grieving over a husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and someone who meant so much too [sic] so many people. This is not the time for this.”

The GoFundMe has been removed.

Civil has since urged anyone who truly wants to support Hussle to do so through his business, Marathon Clothing.

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