BEHIND EVERY SMILE..(The Essence of Life)

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If there is one thing I have learnt in life, it is that everyone you meet is fighting something.
No matter how they appear to you; rich, happy, beautiful, jovial, somehow deep within, there is something bothering them.

Alone in the silence, they fight these challenges.
Alone in the silence, they sought answers to those questions of the heart.
Alone, away from others, they question their own ways & believes.
Alone in the silence, they slowly wipe off the tears in their eyes.

I really don’t know how inhumane a person can be not to consider the feelings and well-being of others.
If you will just take a closer look, you would see how heavy the hearts of those around us are; you would realize how heavily burdened their thoughts are.

“the very essence of life itself is to help others. But if you cannot in your little capacity be of help to them, at least don’t be the reason they hurt”.

Sometimes, without taking cognizant of it, we inflict wound in others. Sometimes we do this intentionally, but for our own good. In cases like this, we are left with no choice but to place ourselves first above others; we take decisions that may not favor the other person.
Some are sick, seriously sick; they are in pain.
Some lose a loved one to the sting of death.
Some are desperately in need of money to meet one necessity or the other.
Some are being abused physically or emotionally by the heart that once professed love to them.
Some seriously love someone but are not being loved in return.
Some are being oppressed in their place of work.
Some are being maltreated by their guardian or even their own parents.
Some are suffering from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after being raped and can’t seem to move on.
Some have lost hope in love and confidence in their uniqueness after series of heartbreaks.
This list goes on…..

Life is never entirely a bed of roses; I agree!
Challenges may keep occurring that one may even lost count of them; I agree!

Be not deceived by the smiles; people are hurting!

Barely 4 months into the year, a lot of young souls have died prematurely. I can’t help but wonder the kind of pain those they left behind must be going through right now. Yet, we could see them on the way and not know their story, not until we are told.

What is the essence of this post?

Be nice to everyone you cross path with. A kind word could just be all they need at that moment in life.

That woman you spoke rudely to may be in pain, rallying around to find money for her sick child’s hospital bill.
At times, we even misjudge people’s responses to us, thinking they are giving attitudes; unknowing to us that they are in pain and angry over something else. It shouldn’t always be about you. People are hurting!
Be the reason someone smiles every day, rather than being the reason they hurt.

To y’all distinguish readers….. I don’t know what you are going through today, I don’t know how much it hurts; even if I try to ease your pain(which I wish I could do), I may not do an entirely good job. I may never be able to fully take away that pain. But I pray God meets you all today in your points of needs and wherever it hurts, and heal you of every disease, comfort and heal your broken heart and restore to you every joy you’ve lost. AMEN!
“Until you’ve truly understood the essence of life, you’ve not truly lived”.

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