The Best Exercise Routines To Lose Weight Fast

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It is not enough to exercise blindly, as knowing the routines to follow can help determine whether you lose weight fast or not. Here, we give you a list of calorie-torching, full-body workout routine recommended by experts that will get you into shape quick.

Dumbbell dead lifts
You could be getting back on the road to losing weight with the foods you’re eating, but you could also use an exercise routine that maximizes calorie burn, right?

The dumbbell dead lifts are calorie-torching, full-body workout routine. All of the moves that make them up require multiple muscle groups to work together, which will help you burn a lot of calories and body fat since they require a ton of energy—even after a few reps, your heart rate will spike.

The moves are more effective for weight loss than single isometric movements that only target one muscle zone. For each of the exercises, do three sets of eight repetitions each, with a short rest between each set.

Dumbbell dead lifts: Use kettlebells or dumbbells you consider a challenge to lift; start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hinge forward at the hips, and pick up the weights with a soft grip. Keeping a horizontal back and knees soft, stand tall without locking your knees. When you lift, actively tighten your glutes, and emphasize lifting your chest.

Dumbbell single arm snatch
Select a weight that is a mid-level challenge for you; start in a squat with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight and chin up, grasp the weight with your right arm and prepare for an explosive movement. As you drive up from the heels, use power from your hips and legs to lift the dumbbell to your chin, right elbow extended to your side, and then overhead. After eight reps, switch arms and repeat; that’s one set.

Alternating lunge
Choose weights that are a medium to heavy challenge for you, and hold them at your sides, feet shoulder-width apart. Take a big step forward with your left leg keeping your ankle and knee in line. Now sink your hips down (keeping them parallel) toward the ground by bending your right knee into a 90-degree angle.

Return to standing by pushing through your right foot, and take care to keep your head up, spine straight, and eyes forward throughout. After eight reps with your left leg, do eight with your right leg; that’s one set.

Dumbbell Goblet Squats
To perform this exercise routine, choose a lighter weight for your abilities and hold it with both hands near your chest and keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Keep your back straight as you sit into a squat position. Aim to squat low—if you can, have your hamstrings touch your calves. Then push with the heels, engage your abs, and keep your spine straight into standing position.

Bent over row
Choose a weight that is a mid-level challenge for you; start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hinge forward from the hips keeping your back straight, and grasp the weights with a soft grip. Keeping a horizontal back and your knees soft, pull the weights toward your chest and bring your elbows up to your sides. Slowly return the weight to a position below your knees and repeat.



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