Six Things You Flush Down Your Toilet That Could Cause Expensive Plumbing Repairs

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Flushing certain items down the toilet in your home is basically unacceptable, especially when such things could cause expensive and extensive plumbing repairs. Some of those items that are culprits are small, while others are fairly large.

Here are six things you should never flush down your toilet if you don’t want the plumber to come calling regularly.

If you’re shaving your public hair or removing loose hair attachment locks in your sink or bath tub, don’t dump them in the toilet: That’s just moving the clog from one part of your plumbing to another. Throw it away instead.

TV shows and movies makes flushing pills look dramatic and effective, but it is a horrible idea. If you have pills that have gone past their expiration date or you just don’t want them in your house, you could search for a local medicine take-back program or grind them up and throw them away in your thrash can.

Otherwise, those potent chemicals will get into sewer systems and even groundwater, where they can do untold damage.

Dental Floss
Surprised? Don’t be. Even small items like dental floss can cause trouble for your toilet. This is because it is stringy, doesn’t dissolve and can bundle around other objects to form larger clogs that may need you to call on the plumber.

Flushing any type of food down your toilet bowl is off limits, irrespective of how soft it may be. The same rule is applicable for any leftover pieces, shells, bones or grounds that you want to get rid of.

All these things don’t belong in your pipes, neither do they belong in your garbage disposal. Throw them in the trash or compost.

Never remove your chewing gun and toss it down the sink or toilet bowl. Water does nothing to get rid of gum, so it tends to stick around – literally for a while. You definitely don’t want it in your pipes!



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