Seven Items You Should Never Ever Buy Used

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Due to the prevailing tough economic situation, everyone’s looking for bargains and most of us opt for used items as a means of meeting up. While it’s a great idea to buy used bookshelves, books, and CDs, there are some things that you should never consider buying as used.

It’s hard to determine how well TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices have been cared for by their previous owners. If your plasma or LED screen dies, it can cost a fortune to fix or replace; sometimes almost as much as it would cost to buy a new TV.

You may think you’re getting an awesome deal by purchasing jewellery at a tag sale or thrift shop. But, unless you’re well-versed in identifying those of good value, you could actually be getting ripped off. Some types of costume jewellery can even contain trace amounts of toxic substances or allergens like nickel and lead which can be dangerous to your health.

If you buy a speaker secondhand, chances are it won’t be at its full sound capacity, especially if the previous owner loved to blast music at full volume.

Wear and tear on audio equipment like speakers can be hard to detect at first glance, but you’ll probably notice it once you start trying to play your tunes.

Surge protectors
Surge protectors aren’t that expensive to begin with, and if you buy a used one, you run the risk of buying one that malfunctions or just doesn’t work at all.

Used shoes have been molded to their previous owner’s feet. Poorly fitting shoes can cause pain and health problems over time. Running shoes, in particular, have probably lost most of their absorbent cushioning by the time their first owner is finished with them.

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuums can seem like a good bargain but are you sure you want to buy a used one that might not be in working order? Vacuum cleaners get banged around, dragged up and down staircases, and the fact that someone chose to get rid of the vacuum may indicate that there was something wrong with it.

More so, vacuums have seen their share of dust and grime from someone else’s home. Chances are you don’t want to bring that into yours.

Perfume and beauty products
It may surprise you, but perfumes actually have an expiration date. To avoid coming in contact with nasty and even dangerous fragrances, it’s best to buy your scents new.

The same goes for products like lotion and makeup. Anything that goes directly on your face, is best bought without having been on someone else’s first.



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