Sarri: England Will Lose To Chelsea In A One-off Game

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Maurizio Sarri does not see any national team as good enough to beat a football club, the Chelsea boss stated he never watched the World Cup as he would not have learnt anything new.

England had their best showing at the competition in Russia, reaching the semi-final for the first time since 1996.

Sarri said the national teams don’t have enough time to prepare their side and Chelsea will win a game against England.

“I think so. Why not?” Sarri replied when asked if Chelsea would beat England. “I didn’t see anything of the World Cup. I didn’t see a match in the World Cup. I don’t like the national teams because there isn’t anything to learn.

“It is a usual position, every coach thinks like me. It is just unusual to say it. It is impossible to arrange a team very well in 30 days. Every team in the World Cup will lose against the top level club teams in every match.

“I think also that is normal because in a club you have time to organise a team but in the national team you have no time so it is very difficult to see an organised team in the Euros or World Cup. It is only a matter of time [with your players].”

“I think our level is not less than the England national team,” Sarri said. “We can draw, we can lose, we can win.

“Maybe because we have more time than a national team but not enough to organise the team as I want. The next week will be the first week without three matches in it since August 20, so the time is not enough.”



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