Never Put These Five Things In Your Dishwasher

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The dishwasher probably your kitchen’s most trusted and well-used companion because one of the best parts of enjoying a delicious meal at home is knowing that you don’t have to stand after washing each dish, bowl, cup, and mug by hand.

However, not all items made for the kitchen can withstand the high temperatures dishwashers have to reach to kill germs and effectively clean dishes. More so, some items are too valuable to risk being tossed around with other products.

To help streamline your clean-up routine, here are five items you should never put in the dishwasher.

Crystal glass and dishware
You might be scared to clean your precious crystal glasses by hand, but the dishwasher could do even more damage. With time, the high temperature in the dishwashing machine, its cleaning cycle and the close proximity to other items might cause your crystal to crack, chip, or take away the shine.

To clean your crystal properly, warm up two cups of vinegar and pour it into a larger container. Place glasses or bowls into the vinegar and soak for three to five minutes. Then rinse with clear water and dry with a lint-free towel for a perfect shine.

Dishwashing liquid
it seems to make sense to use dishwashing liquid’s for the machine right? Never use it in the dishwasher—unless you want your lovely home to become a giant bubble bath in a matter of minutes.

For those dishes and kitchenware items you have to wash by hand, go ahead and use all the dishwashing liquid you want. Your machine, however, requires a different type of dishwashing solution that is clearly labeled “dishwasher detergent.”

Your Treasured Casserole Dish
If there’s a bowl, vase, or any dish that you love and have had for years, don’t even think about tossing it in the dishwasher. While it might survive several runs, you will definitely regret when it clinks with a non-important item in there and breaks in pieces.

Any dishware with gold rims and delicate patterns, like the fancy china you got for your wedding is not for your dishwasher don’t. That’s why you should always wash your gold plates, silverware, and china by hand to preserve their shine and glitter.

Take-out containers
They are great for taking lunches to work or snacks on the go, but when it comes to slipping them into your dishwasher, you should be cautious. If an item is not clearly labeled “dishwasher friendly” by the manufacturer, this means it’s not safe.

The heat from the water or during the drying period can melt or change the chemical composition of the container, making it unsafe to place food in and reuse.

Wooden utensils and cutting boards
Due to the high-heat temperatures of your dishwasher when it’s running, there is a risk that the consistency of wooden materials will be altered.

The hot water can dissolve or alter wooden-made stuff and In order to maintain them properly, wet a nylon scrubbing pad in a bow of warm soapy water and wash them with it. Then rinse the utensils under warm water again.



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