Never Ever Pour These Things Down Your Home Drain

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The Simple fact is there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t be throwing down the drain (or your garbage disposal, or even your toilet), as they have the potential to cause serious and expensive plumbing repairs. However, plumbers particularly identify two items as the biggest culprits for drain blockages, especially during the holidays: Grease and potato peels.

That’s right! These two items, which are most likely dumped down the kitchen sink, tend to cause a lot of issues for plumbers the world over. As a matter of fact, it’s the top two reasons why plumbers will see a 50 percent increase on services days after a festive period.
We got information from plumbing experts as to why these specific items wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing.

People tend to assume that, since grease is a liquid, it can easily be poured down the drain. But this actually isn’t the case. Despite the fact that it is warm and it’s a liquid, it’s a cold pipe and it gets in there and solidifies, then it gets really, really difficult to remove it because it sticks to the inside of the pipes.

When it comes to potatoes, experts notices that the peels become a huge problem for garbage disposals specifically. A lot of people have a garbage disposal and that garbage disposal grinds everything up, and they think that as long as it makes it through it’s good to go.

Experts however recommend people put anything like that into a compost pile like potatoes and potato peels, vegetable peelings and things like that together.

As for grease, it is recommended you put it into a container to cool it off. Or if there isn’t a lot of grease, just soak it up with paper towels. But don’t throw away the hot grease as it could burn your garbage bag!



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