Never Do These Five Things When You Travel On An Airplane

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Travelling on its own is stressful as it is, not to talk of adding a number of unnecessary burden to your flight itinerary that may end up making you fall sick when you step down from the airplane. Here are a number of place where germs are hiding on airplanes and how to stay healthy and comfortable while airborne.

Ditch Your Contact Lenses
If you can, opt to wear glasses during your flight. The air in the cabin is very dry and can cause irritation to your eyes. Also, if you’re the type that sleeps during flights, falling asleep in contacts not made for overnight wear can be especially irritating to your eyes.

Avoid Turning Off The Air Vent Over Your Seat
If the air blowing makes you chilly, it might be better for you to out a sweater on instead of turning the vent off. Doctors recommend that the adjustable air over your seat should be set to medium or high in flight so that any airborne germs can be blown away before they enter your personal zone.

Avoid Walking Barefoot
Flight attendants have seen everything from vomit to blood to spilled food hit the carpet. Never walk barefoot into the bathroom or the galley area from your seat because sometimes, flight attendants drop glasses and there could be sharp glass there, too.

Skip Adding Ice To Your Drink
An EPA study in 2004 found that out of 327 aircraft’s water supplies, only 15 percent passed health standards. Since the 2009 creation of the EPA’s Aircraft Drinking Rule Act, standards have risen and most airplanes don’t serve drinking water from the tap, but their ice cubes, however, are often still made from the same water.

Water tanks on an airplane are old and usually harbour bacteria. It is best to drink bottled water, that are usually plentiful on board.

Avoid Seating Through The Entire Flight
On an airplane, you are at a higher risk to develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a type of blood clot that usually forms in your legs. DVT has been coined as “economy-class syndrome” and walking around for a few minutes or standing up to stretch are some of the ways you can prevent it from happening (remember to have your shoes on!).

Furthermore, try to avoid tight clothing that could cut off circulation while in flight. The most important thing is to try to move around and move your legs at least once every hour. If you can’t get up, you can do exercises in your seat by lifting alternate knees up to your chest and twisting in your chair from side to side.



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