Four Interesting Exercise Moves You Should Add To Your Routine

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Exercise is good for both our mental and physical health and it has been proven to add more healthy and fruitful years to the lives of people. If you are considering starting or you’ve been an exercise enthusiast for a while, these are some interesting routines you can add to make it more fun.

Spin Fusion Classes
Fusion classes are the new rage and you may want to look for classes that add indoor stationary cycling with other types of training. SpinSculpt, is an example of a class that uses spin bikes and weight lifting to give you a low-impact, full-body workout in just one hour.

You can do it in the gym or at home or online. There’s really no need to isolate strength and cardio into different workouts, as the calorie burn in these workouts is quite much and you’ll love how toned you look too.


Custom Home Gyms
Nearly two-thirds of people who sign up for a gym membership never or rarely ever use it. Instead of wasting that money, use it to buy equipment you’ll really use at home. It’s not just cost-effective but also super convenient and allows you to customize your gym to have only the things you love. Combine this with the explosion of online workouts and you’ll have a custom gym experience for an affordable price.

Isometric Strength Training
Well there’s nothing old-fashioned about this workout and 2019 is going to see a big resurgence of the low-impact, static-hold strength training moves. Isometric exercise is one of the most thoroughly researched and scientifically proven forms of exercise, but since it’s so simple, people often downplay it.

These exercises are perfect for people that have little time. Since a single isometric exercise takes between only seven and 10 seconds to perform, performing one exercise for each body part takes just 30 minutes and produces tremendous results.

Group Personal Training
Personal trainers usually offer a custom workout experience, however they can come at a heavy price. Group fitness classes give you a good workout for a fair price but are usually not adapted to your personal needs.

F45 Training is a group personal training workout class that combines the flexibility of personal training with the fun and affordability of group fitness. Specially certified personal trainers teach an athletic 45-minute workout that blends high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training.

Due to its intensity, it’s best for people looking to amp up their current fitness level or who love a challenge, rather than people who are new to exercise.



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