Five Kitchen Hacks To Help Keep Your Foods Fresher For Longer

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Don’t allow leftover ingredients go to waste simply because you can’t use them all at once. Follow these five kitchen hacks to keep your foods fresher for longer.

Freeze Soup Broth In Sections
Broth should be tossed within a week of opening the container, but that usually means a lot of wastage. Stowing the whole container commits you to thawing the rest when you need it, but freezing the broth in an ice cube tray makes it easy to take out just what you need. As a bonus, the small cubes thaw faster than a large block of broth would.

Discard Your Flour Bag
The paper bag your flour came in could rip and let insects in. Transfer your flour to an airtight container like a large jar or plastic box. Square containers take up 25% less space than round ones, so if you wish your freezer was 25% bigger, start saving those square plastic containers from your last takeout meal!

Chill Whole Wheat Flour
White flour is fine in the pantry, but whole wheat flour contains the oily wheat germ, which makes it go rancid quicker. Whole grain products, from grains to flours, do even better in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer, which will also prolong the shelf-life.

Freeze Herbs flat
Those plastic boxes of herbs won’t keep fresh basil and sage fresh very long. Eliminate waste by freezing all the herbs you don’t use. Lay your herbs in a zip-top bag with olive oil, spreading them flat like a sheet before you seal it.

The thin layer will freeze the herbs quicker than in an ice cube tray, and it’s easy to cut off just as much as you need when you get cooking.

Don’t Wrap Cheese In Plastic
Ditch the plastic wrapper your cheese came in. This is because if it isn’t exposed to oxygen, your cheese will dry out quickly. Porous material will keep it fresh longer. You can get Cheese as a good solution to this problem. However, parchment paper also works good.



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