Five Foods You Should Never Discard In Your Garbage Can

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The modern garbage disposal method has been a tremendous boon for homeowners and renters worldwide as it provides a quick and sanitary way to dispose of food waste, keeping trash bags lighter and landfills from overflowing.

Due to their simplicity and solid construction, garbage cans are workhorses, potentially grinding away year after year. But even this venerable appliance can choke on certain items. Here are five things you should never put in your garbage can.

Just like pasta, oatmeal is another meal that comes with an expansion threat. Uncooked oats in particular likely to slip through the disposal untouched, only to collect and expand down-line. If you’re lucky, they may eventually flow out to the sewer. If you’re not… well, then it might be time to refresh your advanced drain-cleaning skills.

If you ever find yourself about to dump several handfuls of peanuts down your garbage disposal, take a moment to consider how peanut butter is made. The ingredients are dumped into a grinder, where they’re spun and mashed into a sticky, thick paste. And your garbage disposal is an excellent appliance-sized version of a nut grinder. Limit the amount of peanuts (and other varieties of nuts) that drop into the disposal and you’ll be far better off.

Coffee Grounds
While it’s true that dropping coffee grounds into your garbage disposal reduces the unpleasant odours coming from it in the short term, it can actually cause more serious problems down the drain. They reduce into a dense, thickly packed pasty wad. And that is exactly what you don’t want going in your drain lines!

Anyone who’s made spaghetti knows that pasta expands when soaked in water. Due to this fact, you can see why you might not want to drop lots of pasta into your disposal and drain where it will, after all, soak in water and keep expanding.

A few scraps cleaned off of a plate won’t hurt, but disposing off an entire pasta casserole should be avoided.

Garbage disposals are wonderful at grinding up and disposing of food waste. But just because they can grind doesn’t mean they’re angle grinders—they simply aren’t made to deal with extremely hard items, such as bones.

If you do drop a chicken wing or fish bone in the disposal, don’t panic. Disposals are hardy appliances, and can handle grinding up the occasional small bone. But if you try to drop large bones in it, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.



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