Dino Melaye, Nigeria’s Version Of Prophet Elijah

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Senator Melaye Drags INEC To Court, Wants Recall Process ‘Halted’

Dino Melaye, Nigeria’s Version Of Prophet Elijah by Ademola Adeoye

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Our Police men only wait for the rich to surrender, but when it comes to the poor and voiceless citizens of Nigeria, they would swoop on them as bees, even without any search warrant being put on show! Some policemen have been ‘worshipping’ both day and night—outside the fence of Senator Dino Melaye, waiting for him to willingly surrender himself to them. How I wish every Nigerian can be treated this way. I have said it before and I am saying it again: there are two classes of citizens in Nigeria, the rich and poor.

This piece was written by Ademola Adeoye. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

It is when our politicians are having petty-issues with themselves that they talk to Nigerians, but when they are sharing the booty of their varied offices, they keep quiet. About two years ago, a serving Senator was invited to a radio station for a show and towards the tail of the radio show, he was asked about how much he collects every month. To which he said he could not remember. I am talking about someone who had received salary and varied allowances for two years! They are that secretive—when it comes to money, but when it comes to petty issues, they update Nigerians through their twitter handles and Facebook walls. When you do not care for Nigerians, how do you expect them to care for you?

Senator Melaye Speaks From Hideout, Vows Not To Surrender To Police

When our politicians are having petty-issues with themselves, they become religious, but the truth is; they are not religious one bit! There is no political politician in Nigeria who is truly religious. They only use religion as a tool to deceive and divide the gullible ones. To deceive the Christians in Nigeria, just say that you are a Christian and to deceive Muslims in Nigeria, try to identify with them. They go to both churches and mosques, so as to deceive and divide our people!

Religion is a tool to both deceive and divide, in Nigeria, but most Nigerians are yet to realize this! They use religion to deceive, so as to get people’s votes and extract their sympathy, each time they are having petty-issues with themselves in the corridors of power. When some of them—who pretend to be Christians—are being dealt with, they would cry out as babies—that Christians in the corridors of power are being persecuted. The same thing happens when the Muslims amongst them too are being dealt with by those they once worked to put in power for political gains.

They use religion to divide Nigerians, so they can remain perpetually in power. One of the tools of disunity in Nigeria is religion. Without Nigerians being divided, they can never continue to be in power, but most of our people are too gullible to know this trick and ploy of theirs. This is why they move from one church to another and from one mosque to another. The person that will change Nigeria will neither deceive nor divide Nigerians through the tool of religion.

Back to the issue of Dino Melaye: some hours ago, Dino said that his predicament is that of Prophet Elijah in the Bible. But what he failed to tell Nigerians is that it was not the “Nigerian Police Force” that chased Elijah to go stay on Mount Carmel as he said. Also, Elijah was not a politician, he was a prophet and he was not a lover of money and political-power that is transient!

Police Intensify Manhunt For Melaye, Vow Not To Retreat Until He Surrenders Himself

The only person Elijah ran away from was a woman, not the boys of the “IGP.” And it happened, because he was alone and this brought discouragement to him. Today, Dino is not alone, so Nigerians do not know why he is hiding on the 21st century Mount Carmel. Humorously, he has a lot of Senators—who are willing to die and go to prison with him.

When a captain and his fifty came for “Elijah” after he declared the truth to “Ahaziah,” he called down fire from heaven. The experience of our own version of Elijah is different. Instead of calling down fire from the political-heaven, his light and water have been cut off by some of the boys of the man—who want him arrested.

Also, the content of the search warrant of those who want to arrest our own version of Elijah does not say that they want to arrest him for speaking the truth to power as Elijah of old spoke the truth to power. If Dino is truly for the truth, let him jump down from the 21st century Mount Carmel, because the truth will always prevail, but if he is not on the side of truth, he should please stay on the Mount Carmel of his house till the strong man’s tenure expires. I do know this will be very tough, because I doubt if Dino can fast without food, light and water for about three (3) weeks.

For the umpteenth time, when they came for Elijah of old, he did not run away from them, he simply called down fire to devour those who came to pick him up. It seems this Elijah does not have fire in his mouth; he only has a mobile phone in his hand and a twitter account—to update his fans. Lastly, this is a free advice for the boys of the man—who want him arrested: disconnect Dino’s line and a few hours after, he’d jump down from the 21st century Mount Carmel! We are sick and tired of the ongoing hide and seek game between Nigeria’s version of Elijah and the boys of Ibrahim Idris.

This piece was written by Ademola Adeoye. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.



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