What Three Of Your Regular Habits Say About Your Personality

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You can read volumes into an innocent hair pull, a handshake, or a seemingly insignificant fashion choice; and behavioural experts believe all these habits say a lot about your personality.

The way you walk
Body language expert Patti Wood tells revealed that your stroll reveals your personality. If your weight is usually forward and your stride is quick, you are extremely productive and highly logical. People admire you for that, but you may come off a bit cold and competitive.

If you walk with your chest forward, shoulders back, and your head held high (common in a lot of politicians and celebrities), you are fun, charismatic, and socially adept, though you may tend to hog the spotlight.

If your weight is over your legs, not forward or back, you’re more interested in people than in tasks, and more focused on your personal life than your career. You’re great when you are part of a group, but tend to get distracted.

Lastly, if you’re light on your toes when you walk and your eyes are glued to the floor, you’re most likely introverted and polite. A study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence suggests that jail inmates with psychopathic tendencies were able to judge vulnerability and pick potential victims simply by viewing the way people walk; you might want to adopt some of those more assertive styles.

The way you roll toilet paper
The debate about the “right way” to hang your TP has probably been around since it was invented. However, experts believe that they can learn about your personality through your preference on this matter.

A Survey of 2,000 men and women about whether they hang their toilet paper in the overhand or underhand position found that those who prefer the overhand method are more dominant, while the underhanders tend to be more submissive.

Some extremely dominant types even admitted to switching the paper direction in other bathrooms they visited. What first began as a fun exercise actually turned into an accurate assessment tool. While it adds humour to the conversation, it also provides insight on your compatibility with a prospective partner.

Your choice of shoes
A study published in Journal of Research in Personality suggests that you can read someone’s personality through their choice in footwear. Volunteers submitted pictures of their shoes and then completed a questionnaire on their personality traits.

Another group gazed upon the photos and then described the personality of the wearer—and they were remarkably accurate. They gauged the age, income, and attachment anxiety of someone based solely on the shoes. Their results indicate that people who wear comfortable shoes tend to be relatively agreeable.

Ankle boots are generally worn by those who are more aggressive. Wearing uncomfortable shoes implies that you’re more of a calm person, while those with new and well-maintained footwear have a more anxious or clingy persona.



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