WATCH VIDEO: Young Man Drowns In Ghana’s River While Being Baptized

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Young Man Drowns In Ghana’s River While Being Baptized

Young Man Drowns In Ghana’s River While Being Baptized

A twenty-year-old man under rather bizarre circumstances has reportedly drowned while being baptised by a pastor in the Weija River in Accra, Ghana.

The deceased, Yaw Kyeremeh, was reportedly standing at the bank of River Densu with the pastor who carried out the religious ritual based on the Christian faith.

In a video captured on the Facebook page of ‘Ghana in Africa’, the young man was seen being led by the cleric to undertake one of the major customs in Christianity; baptism.

The incident happened on Sunday, December 9.

It was gathered that the pastor after muttering some words of prayers immersed him into the river; head backwards, and lifted him up the first time.

Bear in mind that in Christendom, baptism by immersion ought to be done such that the person being baptized is immersed in the water body three times to signify the ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’.

Kyeremeh, however, could not go through the ‘Son and Holy Spirit’ steps as he strangely sunk deep down into the water just about the time he was being immersed the second time.

Meanwhile, the police told BBC that a junior pastor had been arrested at the scene while the pastor who had carried out the baptism that led to the young man’s drowning is still at large.

Local media reports that the family does not blame anyone for the tragedy, while the police said the remains of the victim has been deposited and an autopsy will be carried out before the family can claim him for burial.

Watch video below:



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