(WATCH VIDEO): Comedian Says Sorry For Calling Blue Ivy “Ugly” Like Her Father Jay-Z

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Funky Dineva: Comedian Says Sorry For Calling Blue Ivy "Ugly" Like Her Father Jay-Z

Comedian Says Sorry For Calling Blue Ivy “Ugly” Like Her Father Jay-Z

Comedian Funky Dineva has apologized for calling Beyonce and Jay-Z’s 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy “ugly”.

The internet personality, gossip blogger and professional troll got a lot of unwanted attention after his last appearance on TS Madison’s show, The Queen’s Court last week.

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While Tiffany Pollard and T.S. Madison were taking shots at Jay-Z’s looks, the gossip blogger decided to shift the heat towards the rapper’s 7-year-old beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy, calling the child “ugly.”

His comment stirred outrage on social media.

However, the 35-year-old comedian has since created a video, where he addressed the situation by apologizing to The Carters as well as their fans.

In the video, he admitted using words that were “gross,” considering the fact that he is a “grown ass man” who took aim at a “defenseless” child for the sake of a punchline.

“I’m upset with myself. I’ve said some off the wall things before in the name of comedy, and I’ve stood by them all and defended them all, and told the general public, you know, ‘Forget you. You’re just gonna have to be mad.’ But this is one of those things that I’m not proud of. I can’t stand in this one”

“I recognize wholeheartedly that what I did was wrong…Find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully, we can get past this.” He promises to make efforts in the future to be more mindful of his jokes and “be a better wordsmith when it comes to people’s children.”

Watch video below:



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  1. What do u do to a pedifier, do u give him a tap at d wrists, that he could hurt another child out there. U snooze, u loose, it takes an unwanted evil monger to chastise a child before the parents. I’m so sad writing this. The comedian that made those remarks on Blue-Ivy Cater, must never b supported again. Life is a race of opportunities, JayZ & Beyonce has been able to steer their own ships carefully & they are now ripping d rewards of their hard works & positive sacrifices, if they were reckless & careless, they would have gotten to where they are today.

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