Three Car Safety Features In Your Automobile That You Should Know About

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Modern cars have a number of safety features that help to prevent accidents and keep the driver and passengers safe. If you drive or own a car that was manufactured at the turn of the millennium, chances are it has these safety features and you should know about them.

Drowsiness detector
According to the New York Times, sleepy drivers caused more than 800 accidents in 2015. Even with enhanced safety measures like stability control and collision sensors, a driver who is dozing off behind the wheel is a hazard.

Car makers including Audi, Mercedes, and Volvo are solving the problem with detection systems that monitor how well you’re staying in your lane, along with how long you’ve been driving—a coffee cup icon will pop up on your dash if the car thinks it’s time for a break.

Furthermore, manufacturers are also working on sensors that monitor a driver’s heart rate and breathing, and even track your posture and eye movements, so it can warn you well before you’re drifting off to sleep and off the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control
If you want a little taste of what self-driving cars will be like, engage your adaptive cruise control. Unlike old-fashioned cruise control, which lets you lock in a steady speed without having to keep your foot on the gas pedal, new systems employs the use of lasers, radar, and/or cameras to adjust your driving speed so it matches the car in front of you.

According to a publication by consumer reports, 75 percent of owners who used adaptive cruise control were satisfied with it.

Tyre Pressure Monitor
As far back as 2008, all new cars have been made with sensors that monitor your tyre pressure and let you know if you’re low on air by turning on a dashboard light that usually looks like a cross-section of a tyre with an exclamation point in it.

On some newer cars, the indicator even tells you which tyre is going flat. Take a look at your owners manual to find the optimal tyre pressure for your vehicle.



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