The Simple Trick That Can Make Stale Bread Delicious Again!

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One thing that avid lovers of bread fear most is their favourite dough becoming stale. You however don’t have to fret again as there are ways through which you can make that stale bread delicious again.

It really couldn’t be easier! This simple technique will soften even the crunchiest of bread, reviving that foregone loaf into like-new slices of bread again. Once you know how, you’ll want to tell your friends—you’ll be the lifesaver of the party!

How to Soften Stale Bread
To soften stale bread you will need:
One loaf of rock-hard or stale bread
An oven
Step 1: Wet the Loaf
While this may seem counterintuitive, as you’re probably thinking won’t wet bread be soggy? – but trust us: You actually do want to stick that loaf of bread underneath the kitchen faucet. Turn the water on so it’s running in a slow, steady stream (it doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold).

Position the cut side of the loaf away from you and run the stale loaf of bread under the running water. The goal is to moisten the crust without getting too much water on the interior.

Step 2: Bake It
Set the oven to 300-degrees F and place the moistened loaf directly on the rack. The low temperature will heat the water, causing the bread to steam inside the crust. After 5 minutes, give the loaf a gentle squeeze.

You’re looking for a crunchy-crusted bread that has some give when you compress it. You may need to bake the bread for up to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the loaf and how much water it absorbed.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Like-New Fresh Bread!
Just like that, your bread is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside!

Now that you know how to refresh bread, you’ll never have to throw away a stale loaf of bread again! You can use your like-new bread to make lunch sandwiches, slice it and use it for bread appetizers, or serve it up with your favourite compound butter or spread.



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