The Shocking Reason Why Some People Sweat More Than Others

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Raise your hand if you almost always happen to be the sole person who leaves a workout class completely drenched in sweat. Or it may even happen that reverse is the case and while everyone is sweating excessively, you walk away with a little forehead shimmer.

No matter what the case may be, it’s not just your imagination and there happens to be a scientific explanation behind why some people sweat more than others.

The fact is your body has between two to four million sweat glands, and their purpose is to maintain a normal body temperature—and cool you down when it’s above average—by producing sweat.

With that being said, there are a number of factors that could determine how much you perspire, including your gender, the number of sweat glands you have, the intensity of your exercise, and even your weight.

First of all, while women have just as many sweat glands than men, their glands do not produce as much sweat. That’s why men tend to sweat more than women.

Furthermore, your fitness regime could also be the culprit behind your proclivity to sweat. People that are fit tend to bust a sweat sooner when they exercise because it’s more efficient to perspire while their body temperature remains low.

On the other hand, someone who remains fairly sedentary, may heat up faster and lose more sweat when they exercise. Since fat tends to trap heat and raise the body’s core temperature, overweight people typically sweat more, too.

If you are keen about stopping those perspiration problems for good, try cutting back on your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, as well as smoking; these habits can all cause your sweat glands to go overboard.

More so, ditch synthetic materials (which tend to trap heat close to your body) for lighter, more airy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. You may also consult a doctor who might proffer medical solutions if you suffer from excess sweating.



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