Six Everyday Things That Increases Your Chances Of Catching A Cold

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No one wants to get sick, but somehow we always do! We however do a number of things everyday that increases our risks of catching a cold. Here’s what you could be doing better to stave off sniffles.

You’re using the wrong hand sanitizer
You don’t need to use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer to stay germ-free, especially since colds are caused by viruses! Plus, antibacterial products could actually kill good bacteria too, and lead other strains to become resistant. If you can’t wash your hands, which the CDC says is the best way to clean them, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

You don’t wear socks
Keep your hands and feet warm during the cold season and your immune system may thank you! Although we know that viruses (not cold air itself) cause colds, research shows being cold can actually make germs more likely to take hold.

Some studies have even shown that having cold feet (literally) increases your chances of getting sick, possibly because your body reduces blood flow to keep your vital organs warm, so white blood cells that fight infection can’t circulate as well.

You wash your hands wrong
You already know how important how hand-washing is essential in warding off germs, but you might not realize you’re probably washing your hands wrong, and not often enough.

Washing hands with mild soap and warm water for 20 seconds or more is the correct technique. Repeating the ‘ABC’ song in your head twice while washing your hands can help people get the timing down.

You binge-watch Tv
It’s scientifically proven: Binge-watching is making you more tired than ever, and a lack of sleep can weaken your ability to fight off colds. Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on your immune system, decreasing your number of white blood cells, T-cells, and antibodies that fight infection.

Studies show when people who have insufficient sleep are exposed to a cold virus, they get infected with the cold more—and take longer to recover—than people who have sufficient sleep.

You always use the elevator
If you always take the elevator or exhibit your lack of exercise, your risk of a cold could significantly increase. Moderate exercise boosts circulation, enhances energy, and fights against illness.

Physical activity may help circulate your white blood cells that fight infection, as well as flush out bacteria from the lungs and airways to reduce your risk of a cold. Plus, elevator buttons are covered in germs!

You shop on busy days
There are probably a bunch of ways you’re doing Black Friday shopping all wrong, but the biggest mistake could be hitting the mall to begin with. According to research, the more crowded the area, the more likely you are to come in contact with cold germs.



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