Never Make These Outfit Mistakes At Job Interviews

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Even if your qualifications make you the perfect candidate for the job you seek, wearing the wrong clothes at interviews could seriously damage your credibility.

You go overboard with colour
While you don’t need to stick to black and white, limit yourself to just a pop of colour. A good rule is one element of the outfit is brighter while the rest is more neutral. Feel free to wear a colourful blouse, but pair it with a gray suit.

You wear your boldest necklace
A statement necklace can pull your outfit together when you’re prepping for an interview. Just be careful that it doesn’t hog your interviewer’s attention while you’re talking.

You don’t want it to be a distraction so they’re staring at a crazy necklace during the interview. The best way to be sure is to put your outfit together, then step back and ask yourself: “If I saw someone walking down the street in this, would it catch my eye in a negative way, positive way, or not at all?” Let your answer guide your choice.

Your look doesn’t fit the company culture
A suit should be your go-to for a traditional corporate position, but wearing a blazer or tie at a startup could make you look stuffy. The whole point of an interview is to check if you’re the right fit for each other, and you want to make sure the visual message you’re sending lines up as much as possible.

Experts recommend asking your recruiter for recommendations on what interview clothes to wear, or checking out the company’s social media page to get a sense of how employees dress. If in doubt, it’s better to be a little too dressed up than way underdressed.

You’re tripping over your heels
Heels can look polished and confident—unless you need to concentrate on walking without wobbling. Some job seekers tend to run into trouble at interviews when they never wear heels and think they have to wear them specifically at those moments.

If you aren’t used to an elevated shoe, stick with a nice pair of flats. No matter what style you choose, pick a closed-toe pair for the most professional look. Men should stick with business dress shoes like loafers.

You wear an outfit you bought 10 years ago
Interview clothes that look dated or don’t fit quite right anymore are a bad choice when you’re job seeking. You want to be honest when pulling out an old business suit or old interview outfit. If it’s too tight, too long, or bunchy or bulging, it’s probably a sign it’s time to change it up.

Ensure that your outfit lines up with the trends—wide trousers and a boxy blazer will make you look out of touch. If you could use an update, get your outfit tailored, borrow from a friend, or buy new clothes. You will also likely get a confidence boost from a new skirt or blazer that feels fresh and well fitted.



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