Manchester United Lack Character – Roy Keane

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Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane launched a scathing summary of the club’s problems

Manchester United travel to Anfield on Sunday a staggering 16 points behind title-challenging Liverpool, after a poor start to the season which has been marred in controversy over the tenure of the manager.

Yet former captain Roy Keane belives that the players at the manager’s disposal lack the right character traits to pull themselves out of the poor situation that they are in.

Ahead of the clash this weeend, keen launched a strong defense of the manager, while insiting that it is the players who must shoulder the responsibility for their poor performances.

Keane told ‘Sky Sports’: “In my time at United, when you talk about trophies, you need, obviously, very good players. But I also felt we had really good characters, really good people. People you want to be in the trenches with. I still can’t figure this United team out. The key, as well, to be a top player, is to do it week in, week out. ”

He continued: ” I see United every few weeks and think, ‘yeah they’re looking not bad’. Then they look disinterested, which is no good for any of the big clubs. I think they’ve certainly lost their way and I look at the lack of characters, the lack of leaders in the team and you come unstuck, especially in the big games.”

Keane also thought it appropriate to highlight the fact that manager Jose Mourinho deserves more credit, and his resume speaks for itself in terms of success.

He added: “We can talk about Mourinho all day but his CV warrants that he knows something about this game – absolutely outstanding. At some stage you’ve got to look at some of the players. A lot of them are international players, 25-26 years of age. They’ve got to take responsibility when they cross that line.”

Keane concluded: “Roll your sleeves up and do a job. And when the United players turn up today and put the United jersey on, embrace it, embrace the badge and the history, don’t be thinking ‘the manager is getting on my nerves’. Play the game. Do your job.”



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