Four Things You Should Stay Away From In The New Year

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Another year is upon us and it’s yet another time for people to set a list of resolutions they will probably ditch before the year is half gone. To make things easier for you, here are four things that would be easy for you to stick to, to have a very fruitful year.

Problems With Your Boss
A lot of companies schedule big changes for the beginning of a new year (health plans, raises, promotions, vacation time) and while that’s fine if things are going well, you might not want to wait until January if you happen to be unhappy with your job at the moment.

Identify what is making you miserable in your work and talk to your boss about how you can work together to fix it. Be proactive now in resolving your concerns and you’ll feel better come January.

Allowing Your Gym Membership Lapse
Your New Year’s resolution to exercise more will be only as good as the preparations you make now. There is a higher possibility of you sticking with a new fitness routine if you make sure you have all the equipment, supplies, clothing, and classes set up in advance.

Come January 1, you can tie on your shoes and head straight into the gym without getting derailed by little details. For a head start, you can also choose to hit the gym now and get a leg up on everyone starting in January.

Living With A Junk Fridge
Which sounds more appetizing: rummaging through a smelly fridge for something to cook or grabbing takeout for dinner? Skip and prepare yourself to save more money and calories and deep clean your fridge, then stock it with healthy staples.

This will help you start off your diet resolutions on the right foot. At worst, you have a nice, clean fridge to store the takeout containers in.

Not Having Spoken To Your Siblings In Months
The holidays is supposed to be all about showing love to our family and fellow men, but it can actually be hard to find the time an hour-long chat with your mom or a catch-up brunch with your brother or sister between all the present buying and party going.

The truth is your presence will mean so much more to your loved ones than any present. Take the time to reach out to loved ones now, because after all, no one knows how much time you have left together.



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