Four Phone Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

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Following phone and social etiquette does not only make you seem like a considerate person but also makes people see you as a classy and thoughtful person. Here are four phone etiquette rules you should follow.

Avoid Talking On The Phone In a Waiting Room
Waiting rooms can be crowded and noisy and it is not usually conducive for you to hold a conversation over the phone. If you must talk on the phone, it is best to leave the area so as not to disturb your fellow waiting room occupants.

Avoid Using A Phone On Public Transportation
On public transportation, people are often stressed, rushing, or exhausted. What most people just want to do is get to their destination, not listen to your conversation about your annoying boyfriend or the fresh gossip from your office.

Be courteous when you are in public, enjoy the moment and your friends, but above all be smart about your smartphone manners, and show good phone etiquette.

Lower Your voice When Using Your Phone In Public
This phone etiquette guideline can be described as an upgraded version or continuation of you never shouting over the phone in public. Not only should you not shout, but you should automatically lower your voice when you’re on the phone in public.

If you don’t want to hear other people’s phone conversations, they definitely don’t want to hear yours either. More so, embracing this etiquette is also a way for you to be security conscious as people can make use of the information you relay over the phone in public against you.

Don’t Take A Call in The Middle Of A Face-to-face Conversation
Cell phones have the ability to destroy all your interpersonal dealings. You should not even give the screen a glance while you’re speaking to someone at a party or a dinner.

Sometimes it’s best to think of how you would feel if the same thing happened to you. If it would bother you, then you probably shouldn’t do it to someone else.



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