Five Things About Your Car You Should Always Pay Attention To

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It is important to pay attention to the different parts of your car and any unusual sound or squeal coming from it, as that could turn out to be a lifesaver.

Improvise Your Busted Silencer
In a list of terrible automobile DIY projects, Boredom Therapy posted a photo of someone’s homemade fix for a rusted tailpipe: They patched it with a Coke can and string. Remember how hot exhaust pipes get—that’s a fire waiting to happen.

Ignore Dashboard Warning Lights
Ignoring dashboard lights and putting tape over them, hoping they will go away is something you should never ever do. The warning lights won’t go away, and the resulting damage to your emissions system and engine could be very expensive.

Get The Tyre Pressure Number from your Tyre
Use the tyre pressures on the sticker inside your driver-side door as a guide. Never ever use the number on your tire, because that tire could fit over a dozen different cars that use different pressures.

Make use of a digital pressure gauge and check the tyres when they are cold to get an accurate reading. This extends tire life, increases fuel economy, improves handling and safety too.

Don’t Sweat An Overheating Engine
There was a car advice on the Internet that when your engine is overheating, turn up your AC to chill the car down! That’s actually the opposite of what your car needs.

Turning on your heater may help tame the engine temperature, but the safest thing to do is pull over and contact roadside assistance.

Wait For Rain to Wash Your Car
When you let your vehicle go long periods between washes, you not only doom yourself to driving around in a dirty car, but your neglect can dramatically reduce the value of your car.

Built-up dirt can diminish paint, encourage rust, and allow pollutants to become embedded, which can enhance scratches and dings.

Use Dish soap for DIY Car washes
Dish soap takes all the waxes and protectorates off the paint, dulls the finish, and requires a visit to a detail shop to fix. Use car soap only!”



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