Five Terrible Things You Should Take Care of Before The End Of The Year

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The year 2018 is drawing to an end and it is important that you take care of a number of terrible things before you step into the new year.

Taking on more debt
Every December of every year is almost always about spending, spending and more spending. But debt is anything but merry; it hangs over your head, causing worry, anxiety, depression, and regret, and can even spark a full-on breakdown.

Depending on how much you owe and whom you’re indebted to, it may not be realistic to pay off everything this month, but you can start by making a budget today that will help you get it paid off.

Adding more clothes in your closet
This is the perfect time of year to clean out your closet, literally. Not only will you be able to make room for any gifts you may get, but many charities are holding holiday donation drives.

Get rid of anything out of style, that doesn’t fit, is stained or worn out, or that you just don’t wear for whatever reason.  Then, you can start the new year with a fresh, new style, knowing that the only things in your closet are things you truly love.

Leaving dishes in the sink
Unwashed dishes may not sound like much but piled up dishes often lead to cluttered countertops, sticky floors, and overflowing trash cans. The kitchen is the hub of your home, so taking a few hours now to give it a good deep clean, starting with the sink, will make everything in your life feel easier.

Putting your annual check-up on indefinite hold
December is the most popular month for scheduling non-emergency health procedures like check-ups, dental cleanings, or even elective surgery. It can be a pain to fit it all in during such a busy season, but it’s worth it for the money you will save on the long run.

This is one of those things that waiting until the new year really may make a big difference, in the form of a hefty financial penalty. Ensure you use all your available benefits before they expire, make the appointments, and don’t skip them, no matter how busy you are.

Forgetting your oil change
the Simple truth is there is never a convenient time for car maintenance. It’s always going to be a pain to get your oil changed and your wheel alignment and balancing done, but know what is an even bigger pain?

Having your car break down on your way to a family Christmas dinner. Taking the time to deal with small car problems now will save you from a huge repair bill in the new year.



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