Five Items In Your House You Can Save Money On By Using Again

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If you are keen about saving money, you may want to consider reusing a number of items in your house which you earlier considered useless.

Fix a shower curtain
Just because your shower curtain is plastic doesn’t mean it has to be disposable. Instead of tossing a curtain laden with soap, remove the curtain from its hooks and put it in your washing machine, along with regular detergent and a cup of baking soda. Rehang the shower curtain to dry.

Repurpose old Towels
As your bath towels fade and accumulate holes, don’t immediately throw them in the trash. Cut them up and use them as washable cleaning rags to take care of dirty floors, cars, pets, and more.

You can even take your creativity to a whole new level by turning them into bath mats and soft dog toys.

Stay Ahead Of The Following Year’s Gardening
Your flowers and vegetables have uses beyond just their harvesting season. You can allow a few of your plants go to seed (if you don’t harvest them, they will stop growing and eventually produce seeds), you can keep those seeds and use them for next year’s crops.

Put something else that aren’t eggs in egg cartons
Egg cartons are designed to keep small, fragile items safe. Who says eggs should be the only things to get that protection? Use empty and clean cartons to store small Christmas ornaments and lightbulbs, or turn them into organizing trays for screws and bolts.

Roll out the paper rolls
You don’t need to have an artistic vision to reuse cardboard tubes. Simply slip them over wrapped cables and extension cords to keep them from tangling.

Cut and re-tape tubes over the bottom of hangers to keep pants from creasing. Stuff them with the many plastic bags laying around the house. The options are endless.



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