Five Cheating Myths You Should Stop Believing

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Are you sure you can identify all the cheating tricks people employ? You may be surprised to find you know way less than you think. Here are cheating myths you should stop believing.

Cheaters Know What They’re Doing Is Wrong
It’s easier to point the finger at the cheater and blame them for betraying your trust. The unbelievable fact however is that there is a chance that you set yourself up for heartbreak by not clearly communicating your expectations with your partner from the beginning.

One of the main predictors of cheating has to do with not having the uncomfortable monogamy conversation early on. People are too scared to say, ‘I like you and don’t want you to be with anyone else.’

It’s important to be clear about what you need and expect from a partner. If they can’t give you the type of relationship you’re looking for, then your best bet is to move on before you get hurt.

Cheaters Are Manipulative
Cheaters come in all shape, sizes, and personalities, which means they’re not always the relationship villains they are usually portrayed as. Some cheaters have a more deeply ingrained unconscious, self-sabotaging style.

Deep in their minds, they don’t feel worthy of a healthy relationship so the affair becomes an avenue to undermine and possibly destroy their partnership.

People Only Cheat In Unhappy Relationships
Perfectly healthy, happy relationships are just as susceptible to cheating partners as troubled ones. There are different reasons for cheating, but affairs aren’t always a symptom of a relationship gone awry.

Sometimes, people use affairs as a subconscious device to find their true identity or live a life they’ve never known. A relationship can become familiar and mundane so someone may need challenges in life; an impulse to feel alive.

It Only Counts As Cheating If Sex Is Involved
The definition of cheating isn’t as black and white as a lot of people think. You can actually breach the relationship even if the affair didn’t result in sexual contact.

Cheating comes in many forms besides just sex, like sexting or emotional intimacy, which may include sharing your deepest thoughts or feelings with someone else. This is why you need to define with your partner what is considered as cheating in your relationship.

Cheaters Never Change
Philandering with other lovers outside of a relationship is just one of the many mistakes people can make. However, many cheaters do see the error of their ways and change.

Experts say it is possible for cheaters to recommit themselves and never stray from the relationship again. The presence of genuine remorse becomes a good indicator of whether or not a person is truly committed to addressing the reasons for having an affair and ultimately turning a new leaf.

All it takes is open, honest communication, a show of genuine remorse, and an active desire to change for the better.



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