Five Carcinogenic Things That Are In Your House Right Now

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There are a number of carcinogenic materials in your house at this moment and they may include your couch, your fridge or even your nice countertops which may be hiding cancer-causing substances.

Here’s how you can protect yourself and your family.

Your Garden
Dioxin is a carcinogen that forms as a chemical by-product and ends up in our soil and water. It’s in the dust on shelves, the dirt on floors, and the residue on vegetables. Your risk of cancer from dioxin exposure may be greater than one in one-thousand.

Wear gloves when working in the garden, and always wash up before going into your home.

Your old Fridge
According to, carcinogenic PCBs can turn up in old appliances, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and electrical transformers.

While no longer commercially produced in most developed countries, PCBs are still manufactured and used in developing countries, and of all PCBs ever produced, up to 70 percent are still in the environment. Diet is another major source of exposure.

To protect yourself, get rid of those old appliances and fluorescent light fixtures. Pay attention to advisories regarding PCB-contaminated fish and fish-eating wildlife.

Your Couch
Your favourite sofa could be killing you, and not just because it makes you inactive. A lot of sofas, mattresses, and other cushioned furniture are treated with TDCIPP, a flame retardant known to cause cancer.

TDCIPP was used so frequently prior to 2013 that a study out of Duke University found it in the blood of everyone they tested. The study also found that it is one of ten chemicals most frequently found in household dust.

Your Curtains and Carpets
Cadmium is a carcinogenic byproduct of cigarette smoke. If you happen to smoke in your house, cadmium and other by-products of cigarette smoke may be lurking, especially on soft surfaces such as curtains and carpet, long after the smell of smoke is gone.

There’s even such a thing as third-hand smoke and it’s resistant to even the strongest cleaning products. The best way to prevent this is to quit smoking and never allow smoke in your house.

Your Leather Recliner
Chromium (VI) is a known carcinogen found in tanned leather, wood furniture, certain dyes and pigments used in textiles, and cement. A particular study out of Denmark found that almost half of imported leather shoes and sandals contained some level of this carcinogenic substance.



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