All The Benefits You Can Get From Doing Your Car Alignment

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You probably have heard time and time again why you should do your car tyre alignment, but have you ever stopped to think of the reason why professional hammer on it?

Bad tire alignment can lead to a lot of different problems on a vehicle. Here are some of the reasons it’s not a good idea to keep on driving without a good tire alignment from a professional shop.

It Aids Tyre Rotation
Even though you may take care to rotate tires every 7000 miles, if the car is out of alignment, they can still wear wrong and get shredded in a relatively short time.

It Helps Satisfy Warranty Requirements
If your tyres carry a warranty or “lifetime certificate,” check the fine print. It’s likely that it includes the requirement of getting periodic alignments to keep tires from wearing incorrectly. Don’t let your warranty be voided by a lack of proper maintenance.

It Helps Improve Handling
A car with a proper wheel alignment is easier to drive. When dealing with road obstacles such as potholes (which also throw out the alignment even more), you’re one step ahead if you have correct wheel alignment on your vehicle.

It Reduces Wear on Steering Column
Bad alignment causes wear on a lot of car parts, not just the tyres. In extreme situations, a vehicle out of alignment can shake parts and cause even more deterioration. The best thing to do is to do periodic alignments so that car systems don’t suffer from being jolted around.

Improves Fuel Mileage
Like numerous other car problems, bad alignment can lead to lower MPG as the vehicle puts more energy into its trajectory than it should. Don’t let improper wheel alignment work against the overall health of your vehicle and limit the MPG it gets on the road.

Tyre Alignment Costs
This is usually determined by whether you’re doing the front or the back wheels.

Front end alignment
This service involved just fixing the alignment of the two front tyres. Standard costs is about 1,000 Naira.

Four wheel alignment
This involves alignment of all four wheels on the vehicle. This may cost between 2,000 to 3,000 Naira.

You should however note that Larger vehicles may be more expensive when you want to get a full four wheel alignment.



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