Alessia Cara – ‘The Pains Of Growing’ Album Review

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Alessia Cara was only 19 in 2015 when she released “Here” a teenager feeling out of place at the cool kids’ party

The Canadian Teenager had an amazing success with the song that it took her straight to the Grammys where she won the best artist of the year award

In Alessia Cara’s sophomore album, The Pains of Growing up, she sings about her journey from posting song covers YouTube from her little bedroom in Canada to placing four songs in the US Top 10 and her experience as she turns 22-year-old

Cara kicks off the album “Growing Pains” which directly addresses the title of the album–which can be seen as a second alternate version to “Here” as she talks about her continuing awkwardness.

She also talks about learning to take her own advice. “There’s truth in every word I write,” she sings on the lead single, “Growing Pains.” “But still, the growing pains, growing pains/ They’re keeping me up at night.”

Tracks like “Trust My Lonely,” “Wherever I Live” and “Comfortable” she describes struggling with a breakup, with severe loneliness, worry and newfound independence as a growing woman

On the song “7 Days,” she sings on to the infamous “What If God Were One of Us” where she investigates the idea that the man upstairs has turned his back on everyone “Was it worth the seven days”, blaming social media and television for humanity’s undoing

Pop-inspired ‘Nintendo’ happens to be one of my favourite tracks on the album as she examines love being played like a video game back and forth, “We treat love like it’s a Nintendo game where nobody wins.”

The Albums mission Song ‘Girl next door” she talks about death and her impact on earth when she leaves, it’s a pretty unforgettable track

“Easier Said,” a swinging happy anthem that serves as the album’s finale, Cara reassures lovesick listeners that time will heal them

Alessia Cara had an amazing influence in creating The Pains of Growing — she wrote or co-wrote every track on it and produced three of them herself out of the fifteen tracks on the album

The Pains of Growing is an earnest, heartwarming album rendered with so much sincerity and shows Alessia Cara’s voice has now matured and is an upgrade from her First album “Know-It-All”

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