According To Scientists, The Best Time To Make Out Is In The Afternoon

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A lot of people due to their busy schedule leave romantic times with their partner for late in the day but a new research says the best time to make out is much early in the day. When you’re done reading this, you may want to consider cancelling your work meetings on certain days and leaving the office early.

Sex is a powerful thing. In addition to improving your mood, sex also has the magical ability to whittle your waistline. And new research shows it could even lengthen your life!

There is a high chance that you already know that hormones have huge implications on your sex life, as well as the feelings you experience afterward and yes, even the pillow talk.

As it turns out, these hormones peak and tank throughout the day, and synchronizing yours with your partner’s could lead you to even more enjoyable make out time than you’ve ever experienced before.

So what’s the best time to have sex? According to experts, it’s 3 p.m.

For women, this is when the hormone cortisol peaks, and brings with it energy and alertness. At the same time, men also experience high levels of oestrogen at this time, which makes them more emotionally present during sex.

Experts believe that the key to having an enjoyable make out time and having satisfying sex is for partners to find a way to synchronize their libidos.

Various researches also believe that another good time for sex is the early to mid-morning, when men’s testosterone—a hormone they produce during sleep—is highest. Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response.

More so, if you’re looking to conceive, you might want to heed that advice as well. A particular Italian study found couples are more likely to get pregnant during morning sex.



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