Why Your Tyres Are The Most Important Safety Feature On Your Car

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If you are in the market shopping for new tyres, there is a need for you to be picky as the style, fuel economy, and just the feel of the ride can be game-changers when it comes to making the pivotal vehicle purchase.

Safety features should be at the top of your list when it comes to buying cars, especially if you will have your family sitting in the back seat. With near-constant technological innovations being debuted, consumers can choose from more options than ever: forward-collision warnings, pedestrian detection, cameras that help you back up without passengers shouting, “You’re good! Keep going!” But the most valuable safety feature is one that’s been on your car this whole time: your tyres.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Most people don’t know much about tyres. They don’t think about them until it’s time to need tyres.

Think about it. We drive rain or shine, in blistering heat or in the middle of winter, making quick stops and sharp turns without even thinking about it. Through all of that, we assume cars will just run like they’re supposed to, but the tyres are the things doing all the work.

They keep your car from sliding in the rain and endure extreme hot and cold temperatures. Their tread is what allows you to stop quickly when you see pedestrians or need to avoid an imminent collision. They even control the sound inside your car and how smoothly it rides; just switching out your tyres can turn a noisy, bumpy car into a quiet, smooth one.

If you drive around with one or multiple flat tyres, you risk more than just the possibility of a blowout. Driving on underinflated tires causes a drag, a force that works against your car to slow it down, and that negatively impacts your gas mileage.

Doing something as simple as checking tyre pressure once a month and making sure that you have the proper inflation pressure can make a big difference in the safety, the wear and the fuel economy in your tyres.

So how can you protect your tyres so your whole car runs smoothly? Always check them regularly. Inspect the thread wear and the pressure to ensure that they are in good order.

Lastly, remember that what matters is recognizing what’s actually keeping you safe on the road. It depends on the tyre, not the car.



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