Six Ridiculous Reasons Why Your Flight May Be Delayed

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There are a number of unbelievable things that could cause your flight to be delayed. From runaway rodents to MIA pilots, you’re sure to be shocked at the ridiculous reasons that your flight may be delayed.

Certain flights gets delayed because of one unbelievable thing. Ice! Some travellers have reported having delays after their flight has landed because their luggage was stuck in the cargo bay when the doors had iced over.

Runaway pilots
it is virtually impossible to fly without pilots and more than a few airplanes have gotten delayed because they ‘couldn’t find the pilots.’ Some airlines even go through the pain of making an announcement or even finding new pilots.

Midair emergency
While some flights take off on time, they may end up cancelling midair due to emergencies. There has been reported cases of one pilot suffering a heart attack leading to a flight cancellation because there legally needs to be two pilots on every flight, and it is quite difficult for flight attendants to find a replacement midair.

Breaking curfew
Flights can get delayed due to extreme hot weather that might require the crew removing extra freight from the plane to make it safe for flying in that weather.

That however isn’t the catch as some airports actually have a departure curfew, where flights can no longer leave.

Mouse in the house
In March 2017, British Airways had to compensate 200 passengers when they had to change planes because a mouse was found on the original plane. This plane-change was required not because of any cleanliness problems with the mouse, but because the mouse could have chewed through wiring.

According to The Independent, a chewed wire could be found between the back of the plane (also known as the “tail”) and the “ram air turbine,” which is ironically abbreviated to RAT. The flight on the new plane ended up taking off over four hours late.

Short on Toilet Paper
Shortly after the mouse debacle, British Airways suffered another goofy flight delay. A flight from Gatwick Airport in England to Barbados was delayed for about five hours because the plane didn’t have enough toilet paper.

To be fair, though, you know how annoying it is when you use a public bathroom stall and there’s no toilet paper. Think of how annoying it would be if you discovered there was no TP in the plane bathroom.



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